August 21, 2021

Finding the right call center for your business is crucial

If you are new to the call center business, finding the right company to work with can be a daunting task. There are many factors that come into play when making this decision. The following article will provide some helpful tips on how to find and choose the best call center for your needs. At Belkins’ we are sure that perfect results can be guaranteed by the wise application of traditional and modern solutions in the field of B2B sales leads generation.

These days it’s impossible to represent your commercial interests without implementing a modern approach. Most companies have already created personal websites for advertising. Others have taken to emailing or faxing documents instead of writing and mailing them. However, if these services are not used properly, a business owner could lose potential customers. Finding the best call center for business operations, therefore, requires a great deal of research.

So, what are the basic tips to follow as we talk about call centers? Well, here they are:

  • Choose a call center that has an extensive and reliable track record.
  • Consider the reputation of the call center in your area to make sure it is reputable, professional, and provides quality customer service. You want to be able to trust it with such important information as confidential new leads for your sales team or data-driven lead generation.
  • Ask about their services’ rates so you know what type of budget is required before making any commitments. Some providers offer more comprehensive packages while others may specialize in only one part of the process, f.e., only answering the calls but not making them.
  • Review the call center website thoroughly because this can tell you a lot about how committed they are to providing high-quality service for both themselves and their clients.

BPO and why it is getting more popular these days

Everything is getting more expensive nowadays and handling business is not an exception. To deal with economical pressure, it’s vital to have in mind a certain plan for all possible expenses and ways of their reduction. One good thing to start with is BPO or Business Plan Outsourcing. It’s possible to use the services of outer call centers to ease the burden of expenses of your business. There is a superstition that outsourcing inevitably leads to quality impairment. It’s not always like that, though. Any B2B lead generation agency confirms the importance of creating a solid communication bridge between the customer and the seller. BPO can be a perfect solution since it cuts the expenses greatly. You don’t have to create a special working place inside your office, pay for equipment maintenance, and spread your working efforts. Instead, it becomes possible to hire a team to do the work for you. So, what are the basic pros and cons of BPO?


  • Reducing the expenses

    All in all, it’s actually cheaper to outsource the issue of making or receiving calls than doing it on your own. It won’t be necessary to waste money on staff training and equipment.

  • Client support round the clock

No matter what type of business you own, there will always be calls in and out. The faster they are answered or made, the better it is. BPO call centers can perform call handling in a non-stop fashion.

  • Experienced professionals

The call centers don’t come out to the market with people who just know how to pick up the phone. As a rule, they are well-qualified specialists, capable of supporting or fixing issues of the callers. You just have to give them the direction and this is it.


  • Corporate espionage 

This concerns big businesses rather than small ones, however, no one can be 100% safe from data theft when dealing with third-party representatives.

  • Lack of focus

Some call centers might work for different companies, thus, their divided attention to your clients might not be a good thing as well and diminish the possible B2B sales lead generation.

  • Limited decision-making

Since a call center bears the responsibility for the first impression, small businesses might face the situation when an outsourcing company gets involved in the manner of handling matters. Most likely you want to be the only one to call the shots, right?

Like many things in life, this medal has two sides. Make up your mind considering how many call you would like to process and how much money you are ready to spend on it. It’s also advisable not to neglect other means of communication, for instance, Email. With hundreds of emails sent out, it’s important to take care of deliverability. We recommend sticking to modern decisions in this matter, for example, Folderly is one of them. Thus, you may be sure your messages will have a direct impact on the prosperity of your business.

What is the perfect image of a reliable call center?

It is clear that customer service is crucial for any company that wishes to succeed. This is why call centers need to have highly trained employees who are fluent in many different languages. Because some messages can be written in more than one language, it is important to ensure that all calls are properly received. Having a staff that can handle multiple languages is essential.

Finding out how many calls each employee handles each day is another aspect that must be addressed. Ideally, a call center should be able to handle between five and ten calls per hour. This number varies according to the size of the company, its product line, and the average number of calls received per day. In order to keep productivity up and customer satisfaction high, call center employees should not have too much trouble answering calls. They should also be able to adjust their call load according to how many calls they anticipate they will receive during the day.

Another aspect of this process involves identifying how many calls are returned due to a problem with the customer’s number. A customer support representative needs to know the reasons why these calls are being returned so that they can take steps to correct the problem before it becomes a major issue. A representative has to be able to identify common reasons why calls are returned, such as busy lines or wrong numbers. By knowing the cause of a call return, you must make sure that it does not become a problematic situation again. Realizing how many calls are handled on a regular basis is important so that the right operators can be assigned to handle calls that tend to be more complicated.

Cost is a big factor when it comes to operating a call center. Before signing a contract, companies should look at how much the operation is going to cost each month. Different types of calls require different amounts of monthly fees. Businesses may need to find out how much a typical call is going to cost in order to determine whether the investment is worthwhile. Identify how the cost will be calculated, whether it will be per-call, per-hour, per-minute, or just a commission-based way.

Customer service quality is another key component that companies should look at when determining how to find the right call center for business operations. Customer service quality is not only good for customers, but it also helps to foster a positive image in the eyes of potential clients. Poor call center performance may have a negative effect on an organization’s sales or revenue. A representative needs to be capable of handling every call that is received. Having highly skilled representatives is important so that callers are able to get answers to their questions or concerns quickly and in a professional manner.

Businesses should find out what types of call centers are available through various providers before making a decision. Some companies prefer to use direct dialing systems, while other companies like telemarketing call centers. Depending on what type of call center is used, some organizations may have to spend more time on training their employees. Businesses need to make sure that the operators they hire understand exactly how to handle each call that comes in to get business leads.

Final thoughts on the matter

Choosing a call center is one of the most important decisions you will have to make to thrive and prosper as a businessman. Poor call center performance can have negative effects on an organization’s sales or revenue, but new businesses need to know that they are not alone in this struggle. Outsourcing some tasks doesn’t mean you are incapable of solving them on your own. As they say – divide and conquer. Choose the most appropriate type of call center to fit your particular business plan and everything will work out well.

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