January 21, 2021

Five Best CS:GO Guns for Beginners

CS:GO has emerged as one of the world’s most popular video games as a result of the sheer variety it offers. The game boasts an exceptionally high skill ceiling, several exciting maps, and a huge array of weapons to choose from. Each of the 34 weapons has unique properties, and it will take some time for you to master them all, so these are the five best guns for beginners to play with:


The AUG is a great option for any newcomers to the wonderful world of CS:GO. It has an inbuilt scope, which will boost your accuracy, and the recoil is very easy to control. The AUG also holds 30 bullets in a single magazine, and it is powerful enough to finish off an opponent in three or four shots, so it is a great asset to the beginner.

It is exclusive to the Counter-Terrorists, and it is the most expensive assault rifle available to them. The AUG occupies a strange niche within CS:GO), as it is one of just two weapons fitted with a mid-range scope. However, anyone that likes to watch pro tournaments and bet on CSGO will know that is still used from time to time in competitive play.

You will enjoy the scope and shoot policy that the AUG offers as you learn the ropes as a CS:GO player. It is often used by bots, and it is well worth using this weapon as you ease yourself in.


“AK-47. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherf*cker in the room, accept no substitutes.” Wise words there from Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Ordell Robie, in hit Quentin Tarantino movie Jackie Brown.

CS:GO players also accept no substitute when they absolutely, positively need to lay waste to the Counter-Terrorists. It is exclusive to the Terrorist team, and it is the most powerful rifle in CS:GO. In fact, the AK-47 is probably the best all-around weapon in the game, so it is vital that you master it quickly.

This gun is very powerful, offers the terrific range, and is still pretty cheap. It can kill a helmeted player with a single headshot, and it can bring an enemy down in just four chest or arm shots. You will have to deal with high recoil, and accuracy declines after several shots, but it is still a great gun for newcomers to play with.


The one and only sniper rifle in CS:GO plays a vital role in competitive action. The AWPer is a crucial component of any pro CS:GO team, and fans can spend hours debating which player is the greatest of all time. Many would say it is s1mple, but others point to the emerging talents of ZywOo and others would put kennyS top of the pile.

Regardless of your opinion on that particular debate, it is safe to say that players famous for their AWPing are highly lauded in CS:GO folklore. You could end up joining their ranks if you spend years perfecting this high risk, high reward gun.

The AWP is available to both teams, with a 10-round magazine capacity. It is devastatingly powerful, but it requires a huge amount of training to master its usage. You had better make a start immediately.


The M4A4 is the Counter-Terrorist counterpart to the AK-47. It has a lower damage output but compensates with low recoil and higher accuracy. For that reason, it might actually be a superior gun for beginners to handle. You can also use the M4A1-S, a silenced variant that will not give away your location on the mini-map when fired.

The M4A4 is perfect for firing bursts, but it is generally best to avoid spraying unless the enemy is in close proximity. From a distance, go for bursts or tap fire instead.

Desert Eagle

It might seem counterintuitive to opt for such a tricky gun towards the beginning of your CS:GO journey. However, if you can get to grips with this iconic Counter-Strike weapon, you will find it much easier to handle the broader range of handguns available to CS:GO players.

The Desert Eagle, widely referred to as the Deagle, provides exceptionally high damage at a remarkably high range for a handgun. It is available to both teams in CS:GO, and loaded with seven rounds of .50 Action Express. The Deagle also has better standing accuracy than most other pistols, plus vastly higher penetration.

One issue is its weight – it is the second heaviest pistol in CS:GO, behind only the R8 revolver – and that makes it difficult to wield. The Deagle has a small magazine, a low rate of fire, and a heavy recall when fired repeatedly, It is also loud, so it can give your position away quite easily. However, its high base damage compensates for its shortcomings, and it is great fun to use, and it can make you feel like the villain in The Matrix, so it is worth enjoying as you hone your CS:GO skills.

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