June 17, 2016

This Man Shows How to Unlock Car from Outside with Shoe Lays and The Technique is Incredibly Easy

What if you lock your car and forget the keys within? This is something that can ruin anyone’s day. It is even worse if you’re far away from your home to get your spare key. Though there are few possible ways like smashing a front window and unlock it manually or call a locksmith, here we have an awesome and pretty easy trick to unlock your car in just 10 seconds! And all you needed is just a shoelace.

This Is How You Can Unlock A Car From The Outside Just With A Shoelace

All you need to do is create a slip knot with your shoelace, place the lace at the top right corner of the door, and wiggle it down into the car. After placing the slip knot over the lock button, you should be able to pull on one side of the shoelace to tighten the knot, pull it up, and then unlock the car.

A video below shows how easy it is to unlock your car using a shoelace. Save your car and yourself from smashing your car window, by learning to unlock your car with this simple trick.

Watch the Video here:

YouTube video

The next time you forget your keys in the car, try this pretty simple trick. But do make sure you unlock only your car with this super easy trick and not anyone else’s 😉

NOTE: While this shoelace tactic appears effective for cars with vertical facing locks, you’re going to be out of luck if you drive a vehicle model where the locks are horizontal and embedded into the door handle. This trick will only work on cars of a certain age given that modern security systems are a lot more sophisticated today.

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