July 1, 2021

Five Casino Games that failed to make the cut

Gambling has undergone a tremendous change in the last two decades, this is an indisputable fact. And some of these changes could be said to be owed to the Covid-19 pandemic, while most of it is because it is available on the internet. Online gaming has been one of the most sought styles of entertainment known across the world, as people tend to relieve themselves of stress and boredom.

Gambling isn’t only changing in the way they operate and financially, but also changing what they have to offer to gamblers.

There are thousands of casino games readily available to play in online casinos in Canada, and they can easily be found on many casino platforms on the internet. While we’ve heard of the success of hundreds of online casino games, in this article, we will be looking at the few casino games that failed to make a stand in gamblers’ hearts.

Pineapple Poker

First on the list is Pineapple Poker, which is based on the popular traditional casino card game. And while poker variations are always a delight for gambling, Pineapple Poker was that one poker game, that failed to capture the hearts of gamblers. Casinos love the poker variations because there is more money to make on these variations. This is also one of the reasons this poker variation failed to capture gamblers’ hearts, there was too much market saturation.

Casino War

This is also a card game that centered on War, just like the name claims. Gamblers and fans of entertainment will have to battle their opponents. This is not the type of game that can be played in any location. Although War is quite popular among gamers, Casino War didn’t fall in that same category, it was all but a traditional card game. It didn’t last.


Faro can be compared to the traditional Roulette. Faro can also be played on the table with all 13 of the Spades placed and the Ace had the lowest value among others, while the King has the highest value of the rest. The bets can also be placed just like the traditional Roulette, but the problem was that the game didn’t give casinos the profit they wanted. But this problem is considered to be the provider’s fault.

7-Reel Slots

Slots are one of, if not, the most popular type of games being played in real money casinos according to the latest numbers, so it is surprising that the 7-Reel slots failed to make the mark for gamblers. This could be owed to the long reels it possesses as most gamblers play slots because they seek a simple and straightforward game. But this 7-reels slot just makes everything complicated as they always want to keep track of the things on the screen. 5 or 3 reels prove to be much easier and it takes up less space on the screen.

5-Card Draw

This is another poker app variation that was played by almost every gambler in its year of launch but failed to live up to expectations. You can easily find this game and many other variations at many online sites, but not every patron chooses to play this game. It could be said that the rise in popularity of variations like Texas Hold’Em placed a dent in the rise of this poker game.

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