January 29, 2021

Five of the Best-Kept Secrets in Android Gaming Apps

Gaming has played an integral role in human society since the first civilizations. There is evidence of humans playing games that dates back as far as the Neolithic Age, with remnants of early game boards discovered that could be 10,000 years old.

In modern times, gaming has become a huge global industry that attracts huge swathes of the population. From board games and card games to video games and virtual reality, contemporary gamers have myriad options to choose from.

The Rise of Online Gaming

Video games consoles have been popular for several decades and new technologies are constantly being introduced, making games faster, more complex, and more responsive than ever. Online gaming is a huge phenomenon that challenges almost all other forms of entertainment in terms of revenue. The global online gaming industry generated US$152 billion in 2019, which is more than double the recorded music and film box office revenues for the year combined.

Gaming Goes Mobile

The advent of mobile gaming has increased the popularity of the pastime even further, and new technological advances mean that more people are jumping on the mobile gaming bandwagon every day. In the first quarter of 2020, the number of mobile gamers worldwide reached 1.75 billion per month. This represents a huge increase of 46%, leaping from 1.2 billion the previous quarter.

Gaming apps are a hugely popular choice for many people. Mobile gaming offers many advantages over other platforms, including convenience, choice, and the option to play for free. Games such as Pokémon Go, Candy Crush Saga, and Subway Surfers have been downloaded millions of times, and there are new gaming apps being released every single day. It is not always the biggest names that make the best games – some of the most playable new releases in recent years have been apps that are only just beginning to make a name for themselves.

1: AnimA

AnimA was released as an app for Android in 2019. The complex RPG has been compared to the smash-hit video game Diablo, but fully optimized for mobile. AnimA is based on the freemium model of gameplay, meaning it is free to get started and play the basic version. Players can then choose whether to deal in microtransaction to add features to the game, such as upgrading weapons or adding new character slots. The microtransactions are cheap and the game can be completed without them, or they can be used to add extra dimensions. Fans of the Diablo franchise will notice many similarities and the graphics are good enough that they still look impressive when played on a larger screen.

2: 888 Casino

The 888 Casino app allows players to access real-money games from their smartphones at any time of day or night from wherever they happen to be. Mobile gamers can play slots or table games at their convenience through the app, with US dollars in US you can play online casino games, British pounds, euros, or Canadian dollars. The app may not feature as many game choices as the desktop site or mobile casino site, but there is plenty to keep players interested. All the most popular slots games can be accessed via the app, as well as live dealer games and a selection of table games, with market-leading graphics and functionality.

3: Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops is a first-person shooter with a cyberpunk setting based on the freemium model. The game takes some of the best elements of popular titles such as Destiny PvP, Halo, and Titanfall, mixes them all together, and adds some new and exciting features. The sci-fi story takes place in the distant future, at a time when planets are at war and human understanding of technology has reached its limits. Players can access a huge arsenal of weapons in the fight against other clans, with several game modes to choose from. The game is optimized to be able to be played on low-resolution screens, making it accessible even to those that do not have the latest smartphone technology.

4: Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is a platform-based puzzle game based around speed. The auto-running character can change color and can only touch platforms and objects of the same color. The concept is simple, but the gameplay is anything but. There are multiple possible paths on each level, with special objectives to complete. The game is relatively short, which makes it great for mobile, and inexpensive to purchase.

5: Vectronom

Music lovers will enjoy the fast-paced, rhythmical nature of Vectronom. The game requires players to travel from A to B by navigating an ever-shifting landscape by working with the background beats. The tunes become faster and more intense as the levels progress, with platforms and bridges appearing and disappearing in time to the music. The game has a classic arcade feel and each level is unique, requiring great dexterity and an ear for a tune.

One of the main benefits of playing games on mobile is a huge choice available. Many games are free to play, or free with in-app purchases, while others can be downloaded for very little financial outlay. All offer the potential of hours of entertainment in the palm of your hand, and the convenience of being able to be played anywhere and at any time.


















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