July 12, 2023

Free Gaming Fun Without The Cost: 8 Must-Try Games To Download

There are thousands of free PC and mobile games available today offering countless hours of fun and entertainment at no cost. While some free-to-play games promote in-app purchases, many truly excellent titles are completely free with no strings attached.

Free games are perfect for players on a budget or who enjoy sampling a wide variety of different titles. Some free games act as wonderful demos of otherwise paid games, giving players a taste before buying or subscribing. Others are intended as standalone experiences made possible by in-game advertising or cosmetic microtransactions.

Regardless of how they’re monetized, free games provide accessibility to gaming for people of all backgrounds. What follows are eight gems spanning multiple genres that offer high-quality gameplay experiences totally free of charge. From hidden object puzzle adventures to match-three bubble shooters, and strategy city builders to historic point-and-click adventures, these titles provide fun and value without costing a dime.

You can download free games at Gametop and play on your PC for free. From the laidback relaxation of beautiful aquarium simulations to the tense action of simulated globe-trotting adventures, there is truly something for every taste. Dive in and start exploring hours of fun and entertainment worth far more than the $0.00 price tags of these amazing free games that just need a little of your time!

Around the World in 80 Days

Embark on a match-3 adventure around the world with Phileas Fogg and Passepartout! In this charming match-3 puzzle game inspired by Jules Verne’s classic novel, you’ll help the eccentric gentleman adventurer Phileas Fogg and his loyal servant Passepartout traverse the globe in 80 days on their memorable wager.

The beautiful matching tile gameplay takes you to iconic Victorian-era locations across the world, from London to India, the United States, and more. As you progress, you’ll encounter quirky  characters, complete match-based challenges to earn funds for your journey and unravel hidden clues that help you move from destination to destination at breakneck speed.

The relaxing match-3 mechanics and colorful graphics combined with the iconic characters and story of Around the World in 80 Days make this a thoroughly enjoyable casual puzzle game for players of all ages. If you enjoy match-3 gameplay with a twist, classic Jules Verne adventures, globe-trotting flair, and simplistic yet charming visuals, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in this updated take on the timeless tale of Phileas Fogg’s famous wager. So grab your passport, hop aboard the steam trains and ships, and join Phileas and Passepartout on a match-3 match around the world in 80 days!

Noir Chronicles: City of Crime  

Slip into the role of detective Jack Stark and solve notorious criminal cases in 1920s New York City in this thrilling point-and-click adventure game. Explore gorgeous hand-painted environments, examine clues, interrogate suspects, and interview witnesses to unravel difficult mysteries. The enigmatic Noir Chronicles series from Armor Games delivers gripping, film noir style gameplay for free.

City Racing  

Discover the thrilling, illegal world of underground street racing in City Racing, an action-packed sandbox racing game. Explore an expansive open-world city with dozens of highways, back alleys, and shortcuts, and use them to your advantage as you take part in epic illegal street races against other racers.

Start with a run-of-the-mill vehicle and work your way up by upgrading engines, suspensions, tires, spoilers, and more to transform your car into a high-performance beast capable of taking on any challenge. The dynamic physics simulation and realistic car handling give you total control over your vehicle’s behavior so you can drift, slam, soar, and crash your way across the cityscape.

Choose from a wide range of rides including compacts, sports cars, trucks, off-roaders, supercars, and more, each with their own performance characteristics and styles of play. Build your reputation by completing race events, participating in one-on-one showdowns, time-trial challenges, and more. The bigger your bounty and the faster your ride, the higher your standing in the clandestine street racing underworld.

With a massive virtual city to discover, dozens of vehicles to customize, and no rules to follow, City Racing offers an addictive blend of high-octane racing thrills, car mechanic gameplay, and sandbox freedom for petrolheads of all stripes. So buckle up, put the pedal to the metal and win races, build your garage, escape the police and become the ultimate illegal street racer – all while experiencing the rush of high-speed driving taken to the extreme.

Cradle of Rome 2  

Take command of one of Ancient Rome’s most powerful legions in this delightful strategy game. Construct buildings, train units, gather resources, and lead your legion in territorial conquests and battles across the historical Roman countryside. Cradle of Rome 2 offers gorgeous graphics and challenging gameplay completely free.

Fishdom 3    

Relax and unwind while tending to your very own aquarium life simulator in this charming hidden object puzzle adventure game. Decorate and customize your underwater world, feed and care for dozens of unique fish, and solve relaxing yet challenging puzzles to progress through the game. Fishdom 3 from Playrix is a calming and whimsical experience that’s free to download.

Atlantis Quest    

Journey back in time to ancient Atlantis in search of legendary treasures and divine secrets in this casual match-3 puzzle adventure. Help the beautiful Atlantean Queen Kida solve enchanting puzzles, battle monsters, and restore her city to its former glory. Atlantis Quest offers gorgeous graphics, fun puzzle gameplay, and an epic story – all for free.

Azteca Bubbles

Explore the lost temples of the Aztecs and uncover their mysterious secrets in this beautiful match-3 bubble shooter puzzle game. Travel through exotic jungles, uncover hidden treasures, and match colorful magic orbs to earn valuable relics and open new areas. Azteca Bubbles delivers stunning visuals, relaxing gameplay, and historic lore totally free.


Zen out and arrange floating vegetation, exotic fish, and decorative objects into beautiful underwater scenes in this calming puzzle-builder game. Resize plants, move fish, add decorations, and design custom aquarium setups that match the aesthetic criteria for each level. Aquascapes is wonderfully relaxing, with beautiful graphics and soothing ambient music – and it’s absolutely free!

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