August 28, 2018

Get Free YouTube Subscribers Following these 17 Simple Tactics

Youtube is the biggest video sharing platform. Every minute, over 300 plus videos are uploaded to YouTube. The possibilities of such a platform are endless. But how to get free youtube subscribers? In this article, we will share with you 17 secrets of growing your youtube channel without spending a lot.

In the current YouTube scenario, there is immense competition. But you can still succeed and get big on YouTube.

How do I do that? Use these simple tactics to gain free YouTube subscribers.

17 Most-effective Tactics to Gain Free YouTube subscribers

Give a Nice Theme to Your Channel

First and foremost, the way your channel looks has a lot of impact on your subscribers.

No one wants to visit a channel which has got blunder themes despite having excellent content.

Most effective tactics to gain free youtube subscribers - Find a niche for your channel

First, take an in-depth look at all the top YouTube Channels, notice their themes and get a fantastic idea from there.

Pro-tip: Choose a specific niche with a minimal competition where there is scope for growing big.

Suppose your videos are about Instagram Marketing, your target audience would be small business owners.

Here, business owners who are passionate to learn the latest Instagram marketing techniques would benefit from subscribing to you.

By choosing a good theme and targeting a specific niche, you can get free youtube subscribers daily without any issue.

Still Struggling to come up with an excellent theme?

In case, if you are struggling to come up with a good theme, think about the issues which your channel can solve.

Further, make videos about topics which you know thoroughly and topics that people would want to know.

Have the Habit to Post Good Content

How you many times have you been told that CONTENT IS THE KING? I bet it’s all the time.

Hence, if you have the thirst to gain free YouTube subscribers, you will need to work on creating awesome YouTube Content.

Further, if you master the art of creating amazing YouTube content, you can grow your subscriber list in no time.

Whenever you create a fantastic YouTube content, subscribing is worth every second. I mean, you will gain free youtube subscribers which will be loyal to you and will wait every time for your latest video upload.

One Thing You Must Remember

If you are producing great content, people will recognise it and take the time to watch it.

Here is what you need to do

Regardless of the length of your video, content must be your top priority. Nothing can beat an excellent content of quality and perfection.

Regularly Work on Making Evergreen Videos

A great way to generate free youtube subscribers is to create evergreen videos.

What are evergreen videos?

Evergreen videos are those that aren’t dependent on time. Whether a person is watching it today or even five years later, evergreen videos will remain unbeatable and relevant.

Most effective tactics to gain free youtube subscribers - Make how to videos

Generally, evergreen videos are about topics which are specially made for beginners.

Many of “How To” videos are evergreen. They get views regardless of the market condition.

Here is what you need to do:

Create evergreen videos once or twice in a month while targeting the beginners in that field. Build your audience from there.

Start Promoting Your Videos

Making good content or evergreen content isn’t always enough, you need to promote it properly.

Be shameless and ruthlessly share your video on every social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp Etc.

Most effective tactics to gain free youtube subscribers - Share Your content on social media

The Step by Step Guide to Promote your Videos

  •         Start off the journey with your Facebook friends and ask them to share it wherever they can.
  •         Further, find your audience hanging place, make a list for the same and start the targeting process on those sites.
  •         Go to every single blog which is related to your content and share your video right in the comments section.

The goal should not be to find YouTube hacks to gain free youtube subscribers.

Gradually and eventually, you will fine-tune the art and sooner, subscribers and organic traffic will appear on your YouTube channel.

Stop Bruising, Start Giving

According to YouTube, channels and videos which have a higher watch time have higher chances to appear on top of the YouTube search results.

So, the question lies, how you can increase your watch time & ultimately gain free youtube subscribers?

Your primary goal must be to deliver valuable content right away. In my experience, the first 8 seconds of any video is much more important than you think. Here, the click away rate drags in and users will vanish if they don’t find their desired quality content.

For example:

If you are thinking to make music videos, start playing your music right away without any introduction or anything.

Also, if you are teaching something, start delivering the valuable information as soon as you can.

Here is what you need to do:

Make your Intro as short as Possible. Skip the flashy theme, music and try to make your video much cleaner. Finally, the start 8 seconds will decide whether you will gain free youtube subscribers or not.

Stick to the 1×4 Content Schedule

Well, for you to get free youtube subscribers, the road might be steep but not impossible. Here in this strategy, I will be talking about frequency and how often you must publish your videos.

The best thing you can do on YouTube is to produce content on a consistent basis.

As for me, I make at least one video a week which gives me plenty of free youtube subscribers on a daily basis.

What does the frequency metric help you achieve?

By posting the contents regularly, you can gain free youtube subscribers and can retain the ones which have already subscribed to your channel.

Hence, all in all, it’s a complete Win-Win condition for you.

What about the 1×4 formula?

The most straightforward YouTube formula which does wonder is to publish four videos every single month. It is quite a manageable number to achieve, and by doing so, you will see the difference in your overall subscriber list.

Here is what you need to do:

Make a publishing schedule as per your convenience and stick to it.

Remember: consistency is the key. If you are consistent with your upload schedule, getting YouTube subscribers will be a mere number.

Use Pinterest to Expand your Search Net

When it comes to discovering your channel, your subscribers might opt for different ways. In which, they can search the channel name on Google or via the YouTube searching bar itself.

Most effective tactics to gain free youtube subscribers - Share on Pinterest

In addition to the above search engines, Pinterest is the one that can gain you tons of free youtube subscribers.

How to do use Pinterest to grow your youtube channel?

First of all, you need to hire an excellent graphic designer who can convert your videos into amazing Pinterest friendly images.

Say if you are running a Facebook marketing channel, you can tell the designer to create an outline of the entire video. With this, he/she can extract an Infographics of your video making you ready to flourish on Pinterest.

Then collect the graphics and create an SEO driven Pinterest collection.

Turn your focused topic of videos into a good Pinterest Collection.

Further, you can target different high volume keywords and gain plenty of free youtube subscribers in no time.

Think of spending some money on Pinterest ads. It is quite necessary if you want to make your YouTube channel rise to skyrocket heights.

However, the same is optional, and if you have got the budget plan, you are free to go for Pinterest ads, at any time.

Here is what you need to do:

Keep your focus on developing SEO-driven Pinterest collection and link it to your YouTube channel.

Wait and see a sudden drive of traffic straight to your YouTube channel.

Try to transform your searchers into Subscribers using Playlist

Most effective tactics to gain free youtube subscribers - create playlists for search keywords

Well, acquiring your first viewer is a significant challenge. As for the viewer, he/she will need to search for the exact term for seeing your video in the Youtubes’ search results.

Hence, now your goal must be to convert these casual viewers into your subscribers. For this, you can use the YouTube playlists to great extents.

What does the YouTube playlist do?

For instance, if you are about to make a YouTube Playlist, tons of benefits await your presence. Hence, with a YouTube playlist, you can get a boost in content viewing, retain subscribers and even extend your YouTube watch time.

In simpler words, segment your viewers based on different playlists which will make it easier for them to view your channel contents.

Create your YouTube playlist for Three Types of People:

#1. New Viewers

“Which are the types of content, new viewers will watch?” should be the first question which must come to your mind.

As per my recommendation, you can create a playlist named,” New to my YouTube Channel? Watch these videos first”.  Hence, such a type of playlist will make it easier for the viewers to get an insight on your channel & Results? You will gain free Youtube subscribers.

#2. Task-Driven Viewers

In case if you are delivering educational contents, a large number of audience will be looking to solve their issues. Such a thing can be learning any specific skill or fixing a problem.

You can create playlists which solve issues based on different niches. With this, you can evenly segregate your content and allow the users to stay much longer.

#3. Topic-Oriented Viewers

Last but not the least, by creating topics for a very specific sub-niche, you can gain free Youtube subscribers in no time.

Here, you can attract one of the most profitable viewers who can even become your loyal customers.

For Example

In the Google Analytics YouTube Channel, you have different options for watching videos of even the finest subcategory. While some of those options are:

  •         Google Data Studio
  •         TV Attribution
  •         Google Tag Manager

And much more…

One Simple Way to Create Your Own YouTube Playlist

  1. Open the video you chose for a specific playlist
  2. Click on Add to
  3. Tap on Create a new playlist
  4. Give playlist a catchy name
  5. In the drop-down box, you can select your playlist’s privacy on your terms.
  6. Finally, create your playlist and you are done.

Here is what you need to do

In any case, create your playlist based on the above three viewer types, and you will start witnessing results.

Try the “Mention” Game in Amazon Reviews

In case if your YouTube Channel is about any product category or maybe you cover anything based on the books, you can use Amazon to gain some good free youtube subscribers.

How? Lets us make the whole process a lot simpler for you.

Let’s say you run a YouTube Cooking Channel. Here, you can leave tons of good reviews for most enchanting cookbooks and let people know that you will be reviewing the same on your YouTube channel.

But, according to Amazon Review Guidelines, people are not allowed to paste any URL out there in the comment section.

So, what you need to do?

Hence, here, you can mention your channel name, like,” Even I reviewed, “The Name” Cooking Book on my YouTube channel, “Channel Name”. Thus, with this, you can effortlessly promote your YouTube channel without having the fear to get banned.

Here is what you need to do

Finally, all you need to do is to search for the most popular eBooks on Amazon based on your given niche.

After which, add a good yet attracting comment and your thoughts in the comment section. Right at the end, give your YouTube channels name, and that’s it.

Wait over time, and you will gain free youtube subscribers sooner or later.

Facebook is your True Promotion Friend

Anyone in this world who has got detailing to the deepest extents, it is none other than Facebook. I mean, yes, it helps to gain free youtube subscribers fast and in a convenient way.

Thus, you can find every possible facebook group on your given YouTube category and start posting your content on those groups.

How can you find relevant Facebook Group?

  •         Starting with the basics, you can find relevant Facebook groups by searching the “KEYWORD” by keeping the filter on “GROUPS”.
  •         Also, you can even use the Facebook discovery feature to help you find the relevant group at a faster pace.
  •         In case you want to sell your products, you can even get tons of local buy and sell groups on Facebook.

Here is what you need to do

Right after this article, go ahead and find at least 10 to 20 similar Facebook groups based on your YouTube Niche.

Further, add a comment and let people know about your YouTube Channel, share your videos and indirectly get free youtube subscribers.

Spend Your Time on Creating Searchable Titles

Most effective tactics to gain free youtube subscribers - Create searchable titles

Well, “KEEP IT SIMPLE” must be your basic norm if you want to flourish in your YouTube carrier. Moving ahead in this strategy, you must create SEO Optimized Titles and even descriptions which are SEO-Driven.

Still doesn’t understand? Let me simplify it a bit for you.

At first, you must create YouTube titles & descriptions which have got the most number of relevant search terms in it.

Here, one easy way to kickstart with the same is by typing something in the search bar of Youtube. In which, whatever search terms will pop up, you will know what people are typing on a great rate.

By this, you can create videos on the same search terms and generate free youtube subscribers out of almost nothing.

Here is what you need to do

Right from the start, make it a habit of using the YouTube’s autofill feature and creating SEO-driven Titles and Descriptions. Do the same for every YouTube video, and you will witness a rise in your YouTube channel, with time.

Grow your reach with Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

It is 2018, and you must make social media your best friends if you want to become successful on YouTube.

Yes, you can gain plenty of free youtube subscribers if you remained active and engaged on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What does that mean? Bring an expansion on your YouTube channel by promoting your videos on different platforms.

Be it any time or day, just focus on the free promotion, and you will see the subscriber rate climbing every single day sooner.

When sharing on social media, make sure what you write is grammatically correct.

Here is what you need to do

Once you have become a master to create YouTube Videos, the next thing is to become a master in Video Promotion. Even after publishing, republish your video on every social media platform and attract plenty of potential subscribers.

Promote your videos on Subreddits

In case if you are not using Subreddits, you are missing big chance to attract free youtube subscribers.

Most effective tactics to gain free youtube subscribers - share on subreddit


In subreddit, there are multiple groups dedicated to specific niches. Here, you can find at least 10 to 20 groups and let people know about your YouTube Channel.

Here is what you need to do

Discover at least 10 to 20 subreddit communities based on your Niche. After which, you can promote your content, get regularly engaged and develop a strong base to grow subscriber list.

Personalizing the Video Thumbnails

This is something, over a dozen successful Youtubers will agree upon.

Creating a custom thumbnail is more important than anything if you want to gain regular subscribers with ease.

Here, you can use different annotations and custom thumbnails to make your thumbnail a bit attractive and pleasant.

What benefits will it give?

By creating your personalised thumbnail, you can increase the chances of your Click through Rate which is a fantastic thing.

Hence, with this, you can gain free youtube subscribers and later on, convert them into reliable ones.

Youtube Offering on Thumbnails

Currently, YouTube has got three interval thumbnails for your selections which are as follows:

  •         1/4thMark
  •         1/2Mark
  •         3/4thMark

What do you need to do? Choose the best interval thumbnail which can support your video success in the long run.

Here is what you need to do

Work relentlessly on choosing & making the best Thumbnail for your videos. After which, you will see an increase in the CTR (Click through Rate) eventually with time.

Make the use of “Call to Action” Annotations

By call to action annotations, you might know what I mean. Yes, the irritable notations which pop up right at the end of your video is a blessing for every YouTube creator.

Most effective tactics to gain free youtube subscribers - Call to action annotations

A good call to action, if used properly, can generate tons of free youtube subscribers’ right during the video viewing.

In this case, plenty of the different Youtubers have seen an increase in their subscriber list by adding different annotations to their site.

  •         Here, you can create a single link, quoting” Subscribe to my Channel” as a call to action.
  •         In either case, if you are using a graphic, you can even embed it with a call to action.

If done smartly, you will see a significant rise in your subscriber list, in no time.

Here is what you need to do

Work on creating a different call to action notations either graphically or manually with professionalism. Further, insert it at the end or middle of your video and let the whole video run as it is.

Do the process smartly and it will pay-off in a much handsome manner.

Make Sure to end your Video on a Higher Note

Whatever is the nature of your YouTube video, ending the same on a higher note must be your sole priority.

What does that mean?

Make sure to end every video of yours in an enthusiastic and memorable fashion. Here, you can ask your audience to subscribe to your channel, saying thanks and giving them pure value can do wonders.

Whatever you do on your YouTube Channel, remember:

If you never ask your audience to subscribe to your YouTube Channel, the Answer will always be a definite no.

Here is what you need to do

Always end your YouTube videos on a confident note and make your Audiences, the true gem in every video.

Thank, viewers for their time, and they will become loyal enough to view every YouTube video of yours.

Make Constant Giveaways as a big opportunity

Want to gain free youtube subscribers in a short while, conduct Giveaway competitions, as simple as that.

I mean, who doesn’t love giveaways?

Most effective tactics to gain free youtube subscribers - Free giveaways

Engage with your new audience; offer them some gifts in return and help in the growth of your YouTube Channel base.

Here, you can conduct a free-giveaway or any video contest and reward the winners of the contest.

What items can you give in a Giveaway?

In any Giveaway, you can give items such as:

  •         A Tech gadget
  •         Collection of T-shirts/Jeans
  •         New Bike
  •         A complete Hosting Subscription

Either way, your audience will love your giveaway and will spread word of mouth to their relatives and friends.

What will be the results? You will gain loyal and free youtube subscribers just by spending on some amount with love and care for your subscribers.

Here is what you need to do

One thing you will need to make sure is to conduct giveaways about your specific niche only.

But, even if you will go out of fashion, your audience will still love you and eventually convert into loyal viewers.

BONUS SECTION Exclusively For YOU!

Here, in this section, I will give answers on the most asked questions and will try to clear every minute doubt of you


So, what are we waiting for? Let’s move ahead and find the pearl of answers to the ever asking questions on YouTube.

Why You Need YouTube Subscribers?

First of all, if you have come on YouTube, you will have two goals right in your mind. 

The first one would be to unleash your passion. The second being making money (I mean tons of Money).

To earn from YouTube, having a good subscriber base is the sole key. Without it, you really cannot earn even a single penny on YouTube.

Further, on YouTube, people are earning a humongous amount of money and even you can. But, what you will need is an active subscriber base which is loyal and eventually, Money will come your way.

Latest YouTube Policy for getting Ad sense into Act:

  •         Watch Time of 4,000 Hours
  •         1000 Subscribers (In any Case)

If you manage to achieve the above milestone, you will be set to expand your YouTube journey in a much better way.

How Much Can You Earn From YouTube Channel?

In this case, you are the Master of Your Destiny, and everything lies in your hands.

What does that mean?

On YouTube, your earning will eventually be the byproduct of the amount of quality; you are bringing in your YouTube Videos.

Hence, by this, you must create contents which are appealing, follow the above 17 tactics to gain free youtube subscribers. And, eventually, “Money will become Just a Number for you.

As per my experience, I have seen Youtubers earning millions and even the ones which are barely making money.

Hence, work hard for your goals and Sky is the limit when it comes to generating income from YouTube.

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel?

It is 2018, and growing YouTube channel isn’t a steep task as it used to be. Now, over the Internet, you have got tons of latest tools, techniques which can help you to grow your YouTube Channel effectively.

In either case, if you want to gain free youtube subscribers no sub4sub, the above given Top 17 Tactics can do wonders for you.

All you need to do is to read each one of them, follow them & eventually become a master in your related niche.

Wrapping Things Up: Top 17 Tactics to Gain Free YouTube subscribers

So, there we go. I hope you have gone through the above very best 17 Tactics to generate free YouTube subscribers. And, have fed your minds with some valuable information.

Thus, I have done my part, and all is left up to you.

What do you need to do?

Head down towards the comment section and let me know answers to the following questions:

  •         Which of the above Tactic do you like the Most?
  •         How old is your YouTube Channel (If you have one)?
  •         Will You User the above 17 Tactics to grow your YouTube Channel?

Either way, you can leave your valuable feedback, and I will be grateful enough to respond to your comments.

Last but not the least; share this valuable post with your friends/family, gain free YouTube subscribers. And, ultimately become the “Next Youtube KING, the World has ever produced.”

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