June 9, 2021

Function of Beauty Review: Is It Worth Buying?

During your time on the internet, you’ve probably come across several interesting products either on your newsfeed or timeline or on YouTube being promoted by some influencer. At least, this is the case for Function of Beauty, a haircare brand that customizes its products to your needs. This brand, with ads you’ve probably seen everywhere, targets women who want to wash their hair with unique-ly made shampoo and conditioner that will supposedly fix their hair’s problem areas. In other words, if your hair is dry and you want to moisturize it, Function of Beauty claims it can do just that by choosing specific ingredients.

What Is the Function of Beauty?

The function of Beauty claims to be “the world leader in customizable beauty,” which means it doesn’t just cater to hair care, but to skin and body care, too. However, it’s more commonly known for its shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatments. What makes Function of Beauty different from other brands is that it allows you to customize your shampoo and conditioner based on hair type, style goals, and color and fragrance. From start to finish, you get to choose what kind of preferences you want your product to have.

Other than that, all the products lack certain ingredients that are deemed undesirable for various reasons, namely parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, gluten, and sulfates. For instance, sulfates aren’t good for the hair because it can cause dryness, mineral oils have a hard time biodegrading so it can be harmful to the environment, while phthalates can be bad for your health because it has been linked to endocrine disruption if it somehow gets ingested.

Vegans and animal lovers will also appreciate that all of Function of Beauty’s products are cruelty-free and vegan, so the products aren’t being tested on animals and don’t have any animal-derived ingredients.

How Does It Work?

The ordering process is fun and easy, as you have to take a hair quiz—we’ll talk more about that below. You can take the quiz and change your mind about buying the product since it’s only after you’ve answered the quiz when Function of Beauty will ask you for your payment and shipping information. This is great because it doesn’t make you feel pressured to purchase the products even though you’re still having second thoughts. The function of Beauty allows you to take your time, so when the time comes, you know you’re ready to order.

Your Hair Profile

For the first part of the quiz, you have to answer what kind of hair type you have. Is it straight, curly, wavy? What about the hair structure and scalp moisture? This is an important step and serves as a foundation for what kind of shampoo or conditioner you’ll get at the end.

Your Hair Goals

Next up, you have to choose your hair goals; you can choose a maximum of 5. Every time you choose a goal, Function of Beauty will display the definition of that particular goal, along with the key ingredients you can expect to be incorporated to achieve that goal. For instance, if you choose to replenish your hair, Function of Beauty describes this as: “Replenish damaged, nutrient-depleted strands and protect your hair from environmental stressors.” Then, below that pop-up, you’ll find the key ingredients to be chestnut extract and rice protein.

This is great because you can check what goes into your product and ensure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Customize Your Formula

You can then customize your formula even further by choosing what kind of fragrance you want it to have along with the color. You can even choose how light or strong you want the fragrance strength to be. If you don’t want your product to have any color though, you can choose to have it dye-free.

Size And Frequency

Last but not least, you get to choose the product quantity and how often you want them delivered to you. You can choose to get both the shampoo and conditioner as a set, but you can also choose to just buy either one. The smallest size comes in 8oz while the biggest one available in 16oz. As for the frequency, Function of Beauty can work as a subscription service if you want it to be. You have four different payment plans to choose from: every month, every 3 months, every 6 months, or just once.

Can You Trust Function of Beauty to Do What It Claims?

It can be difficult to say for sure whether Function of Beauty’s hair care products truly do what it claims because there are different hair goals involved. And some of these claims and goals, like “strengthen” and “lengthen,” would have microscopic effects on your hair that it wouldn’t be easy to see any changes for sure. Still, many Function of Beauty reviews claims that their hair became smoother and softer after use, which seems like a win for the brand.

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Conclusion—Is It Worth Buying?

Personalizing your own shampoo and conditioner set sounds like a fun idea, and we don’t see any negative downsides to trying out Function of Beauty. It’s a fun gimmick to try once in a while, and it’s great that the brand allows you to buy the formula just once. That said, it’s definitely not as affordable as other hair care brands out there, and these other cheaper brands can care for your hair just as well as Function of Beauty can.

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