May 5, 2021

Review Of Plagiarism Checker App

The Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker App is one of the well-known tools on the play store for scanning your files and detecting plagiarism in them.

This professional-grade app has become the easiest solution for teachers, bloggers, writers, and students as well.

Here, in this post, is a complete review of this app; how it works, and how efficient would be the results.

Would the prepostseo plagiarism checker app retain its imposing reputation? Well before deciding that, let’s start from the basics.

What is plagiarism?

Before getting into the details of this app, you must have an excellent working definition of this term.

So, in simpler yet informational terms, plagiarism is copying content anywhere from the internet and representing it as your own written text.

As there are severe consequences of accusing plagiarism in your work, everyone is looking for a convenient way of finding a plagiarism scanner for detecting duplicated content.

Prepostseo plagiarism checker app focuses on duplicated content in your texts that you have copied or taken from the Web.

The important thing to bear in mind that, sometimes when you write everything by yourself, but still, find plagiarism in your content that is referred to as self-plagiarism.

This tells the importance of a plagiarism checker in your hand, even when you assure and confident in your written material. Because the internet is a treasure of every type of content and your self-written blog or essay might already be on the internet somewhere.

So, regardless of the type of plagiarism that happens, an efficient and reliable app that can assist you in making your writing more professional, original, and free of plagiarism has great importance.

Okay, so now, let’s have a detailed look at the prepostseo plagiarism app.

Introduction to the App

Prepostseo plagiarism tool has become very popular recently because of the most accurate results it gives.

Plagiarism Checker - Apps on Google Play

Its accuracy is because of its highly advanced databases that scan your text word by word and provide you with authentic matches.

Moreover, its advanced features have more potential to detect copied content that make it stand over hundreds of other online plagiarism apps.

Simply put, this app scans your text, either you are writing on its input, uploading or copy-pasting some text and alleviating chances of plagiarism in your text.

How to use this app?

  • Go to play store
  • Search for Prepostseo plagiarism checker and install it on your device
  • That’s all.
  • Write, upload or copy-paste your text here and the app will do the rest.

Salient features of the app


An excellent plagiarism detector app must have all those advanced features that can make your text free of both intentional and unintentional plagiarism.

We have checked every feature of the app for review that would make using this app easier for you.

Deep search

Deep search analysis of every sentence in your text enhances the accuracy of results.

It matches your text through all online web pages, libraries, journals, dictionaries, and articles and highlights duplicated content.

Safe to use

The tool does not save your files, once you have uploaded them. This means that this app is completely safe to use if you are concerned about your content confidentiality.

Upload/ copy paste

The app offers more than one option to you for putting your text here and checking for plagiarism.

You can;

  • Upload a PDF or Word file
  • Copy-paste text directly

Instant access

You can get access to this amazing app by just logging in from your existing Google account.

Other than that, if you already have an account on its official website, you can simply use that here as well.

Fast results

Just after uploading content, it generates instant results with all matched resources with their URLs.

Results in percentage

Providing results with percentages makes this app even more authentic. Results in percentage separate the unique and copied content.

Result report

Your plagiarism result report will be created after checking plagiarism through it. This report can be used later for review. Also, you can share it through social apps on your smartphones.

Free version

The free plan of this app offers a word limit of 1000 at a time just by logging in through your Google account.

Premium plans

The paid version of the app further offers you two handsome plans

Monthly 15,000-word limit

Yearly 25,000-word limit



Due to the highly advanced algorithm, it utilizes, the Prepostseo plagiarism app is the best plagiarism detector app out there.

Though Prepostseo plagiarism app focuses very much on every sentence and this makes it a good plagiarism app. This app is one of the best online free apps for you if you’re looking for that.

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