February 7, 2017

Few Gadgets that Can Improve Your Night Sleep

Researchers have proved that a sound night sleep is quite important for your overall health. An eight to nine-hour sleep can help you to boost the work concentration and leads to the reduction in the stress level.

There are various types of distractions in your bedrooms such as an addictive smartphone, noise, your room’s temperature and TV. Using these gadgets will negatively impact your sleep. It is noted that the blue light emitted by these gadgets will reduce the level of the hormone melatonin, which is linked to sleepiness. Fortunately, today there are few things available in the market like toys, tools, and certain devices that assist you in having a better night sleep.

Some Top Gadgets for Sleep Saving

Total Sleep Tracker

This tracker is designed to assist you, get a better sleep. Besides that, it also helps you wake up, and keep track of your sleep cycle. This tracker comes with a movement sensor that lies beneath your bed and a lamp that assures you are relaxed at night and wakes you gently in the morning.

It also has sound patterns and some light that helps with activities like napping, chilling out, getting over the jet lag and reading books, etc. You can pair this sleep tracker with the home maintenance tool known as Nest.

Curtain Liners

The key for getting rest and relief is darkness. Hence, ensure that your room’s window is well covered with few curtain liners. These liners can transform your room in a sleeping room with the help of one curtain rod. These liners can be considered to be a great eye mask, which you may ever get.

A Comfortable Mattress

Best Mattress

A comfortable mattress is a key factor to get good sleep. You must check the mattress you sleep upon. In case, it’s saggy and more than 8 years old; you must get it replaced immediately. Changing a mattress can have an instant effect on your sleep. You should read Sleep Junkie before mattress shopping.

Multi-Tasking pillow

Multitasking pillow

Switch to melodious tunes with a multi-tasking pillow that has slow vibrations. It plays slow music through an MP3 player. None of these things can affect your sleep because of the technology used in making this pillow. You can easily expect a better sensory based and a deeper relaxation level, which you can’t get ever by playing speakers.

Intuitive Alarm Clock


It is not a contemporary type of clock, which you have been using to get up in the morning throughout your lifetime, it’s something different. Suppose, in case you have fixed an alarm for 7 a.m., the alarm will sense that you are about to wake up at around 6:45 a.m., and will awaken you easily.

Unlike the contemporary alarm, it is easier to shut off the intuitive alarm, as it has a motion sensor technology that needs the only single wave of sleepers’ hand.


Before buying these gadgets, you must check the prices online and compare it so as to get the best deal.

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