April 7, 2014

Find Any Song by Lyrics's on Youtube, Grooveshark, Google Play, Last.Fm

Listening music is a good one to keep our mind peacefully and it works like a medicine to remove stress in our mind. Most of the Computer users are listening songs while doing work but very few of them want to know about the meaning of the song but it takes so much of time to get separate lyrics for every song on internet. Because getting lyrics of every song is not an easy task.

So here we provide one beautiful chrome extension which shows every song lyric while playing that song on YouTube, Google play, Grooveshark and Last.Fm sites.

How to View Lyrics of Any Song On YouTube, Google Play, GrooveShark and Last.Fm?

1. First of all you need to download and install lyrics for Google chrome extension in your chrome browser. You can get that extension from the below link.

Download Lyric for Google Chrome

2. Once you install lyrics for Google chrome extension, you need to make some changes of extension behavior.

install lyrics for google chrome extension

3. To do that Go to Tools>Extensions and click on Options of Lyrics for Google Chrome. Now choose any one of the option to show any song lyrics while listening or playing songs on YouTube, Grooveshark, Google play and Last.Fm.

lyrics for google chrome options

4. Choose any one option from the available options. If you want to view song lyrics on same page where the YouTube video playing then choose first option “Add it to the page itself”. If you want to get song lyrics on another tab then choose “Open it in a new tab”. They provide another option which shows lyrics on a pop up window.

lyrics options on google chrome extension

5. After choosing any one option click on Ok button to make changes.

6. Now Open YouTube and play any song and click on music icon which is held on address bar. Once you click on that icon it will show song lyrics on new tab or on that page itself. (That is depending on your choice).

song lyrics on youtube

Features of Lyrics for Google Chrome:

  • You can get any song lyrics even without playing song on YouTube or other streaming websites by searching for that song or movie name.
  • Once you play song on YouTube or grooveshark websites, lyrics will automatically fetch from lyrics wiki website.
  • If the song lyrics not found then it open a normal page which allows you to perform manual search.
  • Works well on 4 music streaming websites YouTube, Google play, Grooveshark, last.fm without any problems and also works well on Incognito mode.
  • There is no need to search for exact title of the song lyrics but also search for words in the song lyrics.
  • Here we only show demo on YouTube, you can check this extension on other music streaming websites like Grooveshark, Last.Fm and Google play also.

If you have any problems while installing or using this extension please leave a message.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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