Google Adsense Introduces Page Level Ads – Everything You Need to Know


With the increase in the number of mobile users, Google Adsense has been pushing a lot of updates for Adsense Publishers to optimize ads better on Mobile Platform. Google has already rolled out Responsive Ads which automatically fits to all screen resolution and it was a great move by Google Adsense. Now they pushed it even further with the new Page Level Ads.

What are Page Level Ads on Google Adsense?

Page Level Ads is a new feature which comprises of anchor/overlay ads and vignettes. These ads appear only on Mobile Optimized sites only and are likely to appear only on mobile version of your website/blog.

google page level ads

Below is an example of how page level ads look like after implementation. We haven’t noticed any overlay ads so far but we guess with time Google will start pushing more overlay ads as well.

google page level ads on alltechbuzz


They seem to offer two types of ads for now i.e overlay and a small banner ad at the bottom of the blog/website as you can see from the below screenshot.

examples of google page level ads

How to Enable Page Level Ads:

There is no specific way to do so. You will automatically get notified on Adsense Dashboard about the new feature. As far as my knowledge is concerned this feature is available for all and those who haven’t got the update wait for sometime you should see the update shortly.

Once you see the message just click Test it Out

getting started with google page level ads

Once you have gone through the steps you just have to enable the features that you would like to have on your blog/website and then just place the code before </head> section of your site. That’s all you should see the ads live on the mobile version right away.

enable google page level ads

Do let us know if you have any difficulty in implementing Google Page Level Ads on your site in your comments.

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Awesome Feature by adsense. it will increase CTR for mobile traffic. Just got this Feature in my adsense

very good future for mobile optimized sites but need to introduce in apps i hope…….


Cool article. Thanks dear.

Yes I noticed this update 🙂 It is a great move by google.Now, we can display pro looking Adsense ads on mobile-phones, hope to see some good changes in revenue as well 🙂
By the way, very well written article, Thanks for it.


but We Don’t Find This in My Account Is Not For Every one


Yes… I also not able to find… hope it will be added for me too…

thanks for the this information .. really helpful article 🙂


yah sir i noticed thios thanks for sharing really very usefull information great sir i will follow all your updates


good and timely update

That is really a great innovation by Adsense, I believe this would go a very long way to bring a great impact on mobile ads display and a profitable increase in Ads. Thanks for sharing the information…

hi imran its great feature.surely i will increase the revenue…
whether it increase’s the page speed or it loads faster?

i didn’t get it..waiting for it..

Great quality post ,
The post is fantastic and it is amazing to read ….
Thank You


Best features provided by adsence, help to make more responsive and beautiful.

Ntanama Olivier

Nice feature i think it will increase our adsense earnings.


I integrated it today.
May i know where revenue generated by these new ads will go?

I mean under which category in absence it will be shown?


Thanks for information. I am checking my adsense account since last week but this is not showing. Is this appears for anyone in Indian?


thanks for the info

Robert Gaspeer

Nice writing 🙂


After adding the script on my site, I tested the ads out using a samsung galaxy tab. The page ads window says: “The page cannot display anchor ads for the following reason(s): The viewport is not between 320 and 420 pixels wide.” Same error appears if I choose vignette ads. Tried testing it out on iphone6 since it has smaller screen, but the page-ads window won’t even appear.

Robert Gaspeer

Thanks for overview my points

Unfortunately I have not got anything




Nice writing

I havent recived this notification.. can u please help me, how i can ad this feature to my adsense.

Hey admin, can you u please tell me how can i get this option in my adsense account

An extraordinary detailing and very nice post! As Beginner this Google Adsense page level info helps me.

Unfortunately I have not got anything


i got today notifications of page level ads but i want to know it realy increse revenue and my earning


please reply me,about page level ads

new BHAI

hey bro can u explain me what is profile links

Bijoy khan

please tell me how to approve my site on google adsense?

Thanks sir now i will so these with my site thanks for these article i am getting confusion that how to ad code now i got clarity thank you very what about 3 ads limit we should reduce that ads?

This is amazing to add to revenue of our mobile site specially for blogger blog where, we can’t place ad between the posts, I have one question out of the light that can we also use third party banner ads with Adsense Ads like are they safe in terms of Adsense.

I activated the Google Page-level ads few days ago but nothing yet, I am sure things are going to turn out soon and i Think not all AdSense account have that feature for now because i have not yet seen the Page-level ad on it.

Thanks for the info..!

Good information about page level ads . i’ll try this

hey bro can u explain me what is profile links

“the viewport is not between 320 and 420 pixels wide” whatever I do, I keep getting this error. Any solutions?

thanks for the this information

Thanks for the lovely share and for the information to

I saw that today, sadly works only with responsive blog templates!

When these ads displayed on mobile. I mean every time page loads in mobile browser or sometimes?