December 31, 2018

Google Adsense Introduces Page Level Ads – Everything You Need to Know

With the increase in the number of mobile users, Google Adsense has been pushing a lot of updates for Adsense Publishers to optimize ads better on Mobile Platform. Google has already rolled out Responsive Ads which automatically fits to all screen resolution and it was a great move by Google Adsense. Now they pushed it even further with the new Page Level Ads.

What are Page Level Ads on Google Adsense?

Page Level Ads is a new feature which comprises of anchor/overlay ads and vignettes. These ads appear only on Mobile Optimized sites only and are likely to appear only on mobile version of your website/blog.

google page level ads

Below is an example of how page level ads look like after implementation. We haven’t noticed any overlay ads so far but we guess with time Google will start pushing more overlay ads as well.

google page level ads on alltechbuzz


They seem to offer two types of ads for now i.e overlay and a small banner ad at the bottom of the blog/website as you can see from the below screenshot.

examples of google page level ads

How to Enable Page Level Ads:

There is no specific way to do so. You will automatically get notified on Adsense Dashboard about the new feature. As far as my knowledge is concerned this feature is available for all and those who haven’t got the update wait for sometime you should see the update shortly.

Once you see the message just click Test it Out

getting started with google page level ads

Once you have gone through the steps you just have to enable the features that you would like to have on your blog/website and then just place the code before </head> section of your site. That’s all you should see the ads live on the mobile version right away.

enable google page level ads

Do let us know if you have any difficulty in implementing Google Page Level Ads on your site in your comments.

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