May 3, 2020

Google Online Fax: How to Fax Using a Google Fax Number on smartphone

Fax has been a preferred source of business communication in the past few years. But, there are still many professionals who opt to use fax for exchanging sensitive information. Fax machines were a must to transfer faxes. However, gone are the days when people used heavy fax machines for sending and receiving a.

With the advent of technology, many modern devices are introduced to share information with each other. Google has entrenched in our lives as it encompasses many sources of communication. Not only this, but handheld devices are also a major part of our lives to send and receive instant messages and exchange information.

However, people are still relying on fax for the love of old technology. Fax is prevalent when it comes to data privacy. Modern communication modes provided a solution to fax instead of managing fax machines. Many fax online services are there to send and receive fax from smart devices. Keep reading to find out more about online fax.

CocoFax, an Online Google Fax Service

CocoFax is the most reliable fax service to send and receive fax online. It offers speedy and reliable delivery of fax by keeping your data secured. You can exchange faxes to and from Google products including Gmail and Google Drive. Millions of people are using CocoFax to send and receive fax from all over the world.

The fax was mostly for used professional conversations for data privacy but all sorts of sensitive information are still transferred through fax. CocoFax offers Google free fax which ensures that the information is secured when being transmitted from one place to another. From any internet-capable device, you can transfer fax on the go rather than being in proximity to your work office.

What makes CocoFax the Best Google Fax Service

CocoFax has built a reliable image in the market by adding layers of professionalism and security to online faxing. International channels have also recognized CocoFax services including CNET, Life Wire, Forbes, and PC world. It is a well-reputed brand to safely transmit fax over the internet.

CocoFax offers various services for the ease of customers but here are the most featured ones

  • Free CocoFax Trial

You can easily get registered with CocoFax using your email address and start using it. There are no credit card verifications at all. New users are welcomed with a 30 days free trial to send and receive free unlimited faxes for a month.

  • Free Fax Number

To exchange fax online, fax number is a must. CocoFax has resolved this problem by offering dedicated fax numbers. You can choose a fax number of your choice from the list of available numbers. These fax numbers are used for local and international faxes.

  • Multiple Device

You can use CocoFax to send and receive faxes from a variety of platforms. You can fax from your laptop, Android devices, desktop computer or iPhone. Therefore, you don’t have to be in proximity to your office in order to fax.

Exchange Google Free Fax with CocoFax

Google Free Fax by CocoFax has brought analog and digital systems together. Now you can collaborate with old-technology to share information safely. The reliability of fax and ease of Google has come into play at the same time.

CocoFax free online fax is quite simple and effortless as you don’t have to set up any hardware tools. Just employ CocoFax and start exchanging faxes anywhere, anytime. To learn about how to use CocoFax to fax from Gmail, go through the next section to find out

  • Send a Fax From Gmail via CocoFax

CocoFax has made sending a fax a matter of minutes. Just follow these steps to learn about Google Free Fax online

Step 1:

Sign up your CocoFax account and get a 30-day free trial period. You can also choose a fax number from the list of available ones without any additional costs. Enter a valid email address as it will be used to send and receive faxes online.

The advantage of a dedicated fax number is that you have complete data confidentiality. People working in a shared environment have to compromise their hardware tools sometimes. But, with a private fax number, you can have privacy even at the workplace

Step 2:

After registering with CocoFax, you can send and receive fax using any device with an active internet connection. CocoFax control panel and dashboard could only be accessed after login. You can also use your Gmail account and share documents from Google drive rather than printing them.

Step 3:

Open the CocoFax dashboard and start composing a new email. In the ‘To’ field, enter the recipient’s fax number followed by For example, if the receiver’s fax number is 12345, input the fax number as In this way, the receiver’s fax number will be transformed into an address format.

To add notes to the fax document, enter the details in the Subject field. You can also add the cover page to the fax document by typing in the body area. These are optional fields so you can leave them empty as well.

Attach the files which you want to send as a fax. File formats supported by include Docx, Xls, png, jpg. As you can see, you can also fax images through CocoFax. You can also attach multiple documents at a time. CocoFax merges them as a single fax document.

Step 4:

Check the information you have typed and hit the Send button. CocoFax rings the receiver’s fax machine and forwards the documents. The online fax files are first received by CocoFax to convert them into Tiff format and those fax documents are transferred afterward.

For the successful transmission of fax, CocoFax sends notifications for sent documents. Even if the sending has failed, you will receive alerts to check the documents for any possible errors and resend them

  • Receive a Fax From Gmail via CocoFax

Receiving Google Free Fax with CocoFax is easier than sending it. As you already registered with CocoFax, so there are no more procedures to follow. Receiving a fax with CocoFax is an entirely automatic procedure.

CocoFax forwards all the faxes to your fax number by converting them into PDF files. You can also get these documents as an email and manage them from the Gmail account.


CocoFax services for Google free fax are second to none. As most advanced fax machines are not even equipped with these modern features. It has made faxing a paperless and convenient task. People no longer think of fax a chore after the introduction of CocoFax

You can send and receive fax from your handheld devices without eve printing them. Moreover, you can also keep a record of these faxes using cloud-based storage of CocoFax. Fax machines are getting obsolete as you have a portable faxing solution in the form of CocoFax. Its reviewed as the best Google Fax service for a reliable and safe faxing.


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