February 23, 2020

The Transformation of the Casino Slots Industry

Slot games are part of the furniture of casinos and online casino sites. They have been helping the industry grow since its beginnings. But what is in store for the future of slot games? Read on to learn about the history of slot games, current trends and the future of slot games catering for younger and more demanding generations.

A Brief History of Pre-Electromechanically Slots

The first slot games have a fascinating history far removed from the slot games we know and love today. Mechanical three-reel versions originated in 19th Century USA but were not found in casinos – and they didn’t even pay out cash prizes. Instead, you would find them in bars entertaining patrons where winning combinations would be rewarded by the barman with free drinks or even a cigar.

A man by the name of Mr. Charles Fey saw the potential in these elementary slot games and decided to try them in the gambling world. However, he didn’t secure a patent on the machine, and they became widely available. Another setback came the way of these slot games as laws were introduced to curb gambling. For some time, slot prizes turned to confectionary or free food, until more liberalized gambling laws were created post WW2 and cash prizes returned.

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Modern Slot Games

Slot games grew from these developments and became more attractive with new themes, but most importantly, they were using electric. The spread of the internet and developing technologies then made them even more appealing and accessible.

Today, slot games are made with incredible graphics, influenced by movies and music bands – and can be played from any device. Many of the top online casinos offer a glimpse into the contemporary world of slot gaming with titles to cater to all preferences.

However, the reels are still spinning, and slot gaming continues to adapt. The future of slot gaming looks a lot different from what we know today. So, where is it heading?

The Future of Slot Gaming

Slot gaming, just like any other product, adapts to consumer demands. Now the gambling industry has to create slot games to younger generations who have grown up with some extraordinary games consoles, graphics, social gaming and the ability to influence outcomes through skill rather than luck. Maybe virtual reality slot games will be next?

This has created a shift towards video slot games which enable young gamers to remain engaged with slot games beyond spinning reels with a few fruit or fairies. They do this best by making in-game bonuses or side games within the slot games more complex and exciting. Not to forget the recently popularized Megaways slots creating thousands of potential paylines, and tapping into the themes that young people prefer.

For online casinos, this is not a problem because they can equip their site with as many slot games for each generation and preference. For land-based casinos, this creates a problem because they have to maximize the profit from floorspace. Thus, some of the classic slots are being wheeled out of back doors on the Vegas strip while new video slot games take their place.

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