June 11, 2021

Handy Tips To Spark Up Your Long Distance Relationship

At times, due to work commitments, couples are forced to live miles apart or maybe in different time zones. The uncertainty and insecurity that a long-distance relationship brings are inevitable. The whole situation can likely shake up even the strongest of the relationships.

Just like the two sides of a coin, a long-distance relationship has its two sides as well. But for couples having a hard time in a long-distance relationship, here are some tips for you to spark up your relationship despite the distance.

Manage your schedule

Different time zones, excessive workload, and managing things at home may leave couples with little to no time to talk with each other. Check the time difference and decide on a common time that is comfortable for both. Make sure to chop out your schedule accordingly to allow both you and your partner to connect with each other. Besides, this will strengthen your bond and instill security in your relationship.

Incorporate video calls

With the advancement in technology, video calls are one common feature that is available to all. So make use of it; video calls will not only let you talk to your partner but will also let you feel more involved with each other. Give a house tour or an office tour through a video call. You can also refer to platforms like Xlovecam when it comes to spicing things up on the video call. This is a great tool to include your partner in your life. The distance will seem less if couples start video chatting with their significant other.

Plan future dates

Meeting after a very long time can surely be exciting and make you feel giddy. So why not take this opportunity to plan your future dates. Let each partner choose what dates they would like to go on and make a list of them until you meet with them. This activity is a great stress buster since it will allow you to think of all the happy moments you will have with your partner. From a romantic dinner date to going to the trampoline park, do not miss anything on your to-do list.

Do things together even being apart

One of the biggest challenges a couple faces is not to do things together. But that can be solved easily, and there are so many applications and online resources that help couples reduce the geographical distance. Houseparty is an all-in-one platform that lets you play fun games over a video call. If that doesn’t interest you, play a simple game like Ludo or Monopoly online. Ask each other fun questions from a questionnaire downloaded from Pinterest. Find things to do together and spend time with each other.

Talk about your daily routine

Distance is a big challenge for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. Finding different things to do can be time-consuming and draining, but that needn’t be the case always. Talking about your daily routine and the everyday hustle of life can even infuse a feeling of belongingness. This exercise will be helpful in the long run as it aims to minimize the distance between couples and bring out a homely feeling.

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