November 19, 2022

Have you heard the Buzz about Live Chat?

Live chat is a very powerful tool to set up on your website. However, you might now think that only larger corporate businesses and organizations have the skills or budget to set it up. Wrong! You, too, can easily set up a live chat, no matter your organization’s size. And the best bit, you can get it for FREE. What’s the catch? There is none. We have been checking out the live chat offering from 3CX, so here is the buzz.

3CX Live Chat is FREE!

The world in which we live rarely offers something that is truly free. Usually, certain add-ons need to be purchased, or the number of ads delivered becomes tedious. But with 3CX StartUP, you can get a live chat set up in less than 10 mins.

So what is StartUP? It is a whole team communication platform that offers voice calling, video conferencing, WhatsApp integration, and more! All this is entirely free for up to 10 users. No credit card information is required.

How about free calls too…

Live chat is proven to drive customer engagement and is especially important to implement if you are running an e-commerce business. But sometimes, a chat conversation can become more complex or drawn out. Well, this is not a problem with 3CX Live Chat, as you can simply click on a button that immediately connects you to the visitor as a voice call. And, yup, you guessed it. That’s free too.

3CX StartUP also includes what they call ‘Talk links.’ These are customizable links that you can place on your website, posters, or business cards, meaning customers can call you for free from pretty much any web browser with no additional plug-in or software downloads required.

Easy set up with WordPress plugin

3CX Live chat options

The 3CX Free Live Chat plugin makes setup and configuration super simple. You don’t need any coding experience, as the plugin gives you a single field to insert a unique URL that is generated when you sign up for StartUP. Simply download the plugin, install it, insert the URL, and that’s it. You can have a live chat on your site in a matter of minutes.

Mix & match themes and customizations

One of the things that we liked the most about 3CX live chat was how easy it was to customize to fit any website color scheme or theme. No coding experience is required, and all the settings and features are edited directly within the easy-to-navigate 3CX Web Client. Your site is automatically updated as soon as you click ‘Save’ on your config.

Check it out today

We loved playing with 3CX live chat, and in particular, the live call feature really set it out from other offerings. There is nothing lost for you to head over and sign up for 3CX StartUP. In less than 10 mins, you too can offer an excellent method for your web visitors to get in touch.

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