August 20, 2021

Here is Why Android 12 Will Change the Way We Play with Our Smartphone

The Google Play Store has always served as a hub for some of the best games that are available to play on the market. Of course, there are the more popular games these days like Among Us, PUBG mobile, Mobile Legends, and Pokemon Go! These games have solid fan bases and are largely responsible for the growth of the online gaming world. However, there are also more niche games that appeal to more specific markets which are also generating a lot of buzz.

For example, one industry that is growing more and more popular each day is the online gambling industry. There are many online casino operators out there that are aggressively capturing wider markets. In many industries, there is a trend that has companies going digital and the casino industry is not any different. There’s just a better level of convenience and accessibility that comes with being able to play your favorite poker or blackjack games while on your phone or tablet.

Again, there are so many different kinds of gamers out there and the people over at Google understand that they need to cater to this market if they want to stay competitive with Apple. And with the latest iteration of the Android OS coming out soon, Google has a trick up its sleeve that is sure to delight their gamer market.

Newer Features

As it is with any new version of an OS, Android 12 is going to come with a few neat and dandy features that will definitely freshen up the mobile experience. However, there is one particular gaming feature that is garnering a lot of attention among the community. With the latest version of Android, users will be able to play games even before they finish downloading to your device, whether it be a phone or a tablet.

The announcement was made during the Google for Games Developer Summit. By enabling this kind of feature on the new version of Android, Google is simply decreasing the friction and barrier of entry for gamers who might be interested in a particular title. It will definitely be a lot easier for gamers to experiment with new apps and enjoy their new games almost immediately, even before they’re fully downloaded. This might seem like such a simple feature, but it has huge implications on gameplay and user experience.

Bigger Downloads are No Longer an Issue

In the past, this might not have mattered much, especially when games were relatively much simpler and didn’t demand gargantuan file sizes. However, these days, even mobile games are growing ever more complex. Some of the best titles even require a full GB of storage space before you can start playing. With Android 12, you won’t have to wait for the entire game to be downloaded anymore before you can start playing. This is because Google has given developers an option to enable a “play mid-download” feature.

Additional Features

Aside from being able to play games before they are being downloaded, there are other things that gamers have to be excited about. For one, Google is going to make it easier for gamers to actually record their games while playing. While this won’t necessarily be available for all Android devices, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Many gamers are avid content creators as well. By enabling this kind of feature, Android is making it easier for gamers to share their gaming experiences to their own personal networks.

There’s still a lot of speculation as to what else the Android gaming platform has to offer. It’s expected that the final version of Android 12 will be available to Pixel users around late summer or early fall. Ultimately, with the features that have been announced so far, there’s already so much to get excited about, especially when it comes to mobile gaming. Again, this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that Google knows that gaming happens to be their bread and butter these days.

It’s going to be a while before the mass market can get their hands on the latest version of Android, but with everything that we know so far, it all seems promising. The pressure is now on Apple as to whether they would be able to match what Android is doing for gaming.

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