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infocus turbo 5

InFocus – A Global Player Growing Rapidly In The Indian Smartphone Market with Turbo 5

The new Infocus Turbo 5 is packed with all the right features to take the highly competitive smartphone segment by a storm.

take apart the rare earth magnets

How to Take Apart an Old Hard Drive And Separate the Rare Earth Magnets

Here, we will show you the steps to take apart a computer hard drive and get the rare earth magnets from it.

Snap acuires Zenly.

SnapChat Buys Social Mapping Startup Zenly For An App That Lets Users To Track Their Friends

Snapchat has bought social mapping startup, Zenly in late May, and has turned the product into a feature on its main Snapchat application that lets users see friends’ photo and video posts by location.

Carbon Footprint

4 Ways Offices & Industries Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Energy consumption is directly linked to CO2 emission in the earth’s atmosphere. It is a collective responsibility to stall its bearing

New Android Malware Xavier Quietly Steals Your Data.

Newly Discovered Android Malware Xavier Quietly Steals Your Data. Here’s How To Protect Yourself!

It comes with an embedded malicious behavior that downloads codes from a remote server, allowing hackers to remotely execute any malicious code on the targeted device.

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