December 25, 2018

How to Make Money Using Social Media

If I tell you that more than half of the people use internet just to use social media, it won’t be wrong. Perhaps, different social networking sites are the most popular over the web than any other thing so far. These sites not only help people to remain active socially, but users can spend time on them playing different games, and doing other activities using various apps. But the most interesting part comes when someone tells you that with the help of this social media, you can actually make some real money.

For many people, making money using social media would appear nothing but a joke, but if you do a little research, you will come to know that a large number of people are doing it.

Let us now discuss some simple ways that will help you to make money online using social media:

  1. Market your Product – If you own a business (no matter what is its size), you can easily boost your sale by advertising on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are known well for such activities. If you are on a tight budget, you can create official page for your product on these sites, and start promoting it there for free. And if you get some money, these sites do allow paid promotion with few bucks as well. You can run advertising campaigns through ‘sponsored posts’ and ‘sponsored tweets’. You can have a control over to whom you want your paid stuff to show, and drive relevant audience to your product.
  2.  Be Creative – There are different companies which allow users to make money through social networking sites. For instance, you can find companies on Facebook that will allow you to design things using their website, and then sell on Facebook. For every sale that you make successfully, they will give you a specific amount. Similarly, if you know something about development, you can create and add apps on these sites, and earn through them.
  3. Earn through YouTube – It may amaze you, but many people are making a living only through YouTube. What they do is make some interesting videos and upload it on YouTube. You can create any sort of video that can attract attention of people. It can be a funny video, an informative video; you can post a DIY project, tutorial for complex software, or a video review for a game or a smartphone. If your videos are useful and interesting, you will start getting subscribers by only making a little effort. Once, you gather good amount of videos, you can also run advertising campaigns at different platforms. Now the question you should ask is how are you EARNING through these videos? Well, you can add ads to your videos, and whenever someone watches them you will get some amount of money.
  4. Smart Moneymaking – Social media can also be used to make money by creating quality content, and helping others. For instance, Empowr is creating an emerging democratic social network where you can earn in various ways. It enables users to earn money for content creation. You can also sell a product to other users via empowr. The best part of this site is that allows you to earn money even for your kind heartedness. Puzzled? Yes! This is the only known site so far that gets you money for helping others in their different tasks.

The above mentioned points do not belong to the fantasy world. They are all real, and a large number of people are making good enough money for their livelihood through social media.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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