May 17, 2021

Honey Review: Does the Extension Really Work?

If you’ve tried shopping online—and it’s improbable that you haven’t tried it even once—you’ve probably noticed a field before Checkout where you can type in a coupon code to receive a discount. Who doesn’t want the price of their total order to decrease? Retailers know deals and discounts can significantly increase their sales, which is why they release promos and discount codes for customers to use.

However, you don’t always have direct access to these codes, so you’d have to turn to Google to check out which ones haven’t expired yet. But even if you do find a list of codes, there’s no guarantee that all of them will work. This is where Honey comes into play—it is a browser extension that automatically finds working coupon codes for you to use to get a discount.

But does Honey really work? Our review will give you all the answers you need about this nifty extension.

What Is Honey?

As mentioned, Honey is basically a browser extension that you can download and install for free. This app can help you save money whenever you order something online by browsing the web for the best coupon codes available. What’s great about Honey is that it’s supported by thousands upon thousands of shopping platforms, which means you can use it on most websites. Whether you want to book travels, order clothes, or buy food online, Honey will be able to find discounts and coupons that can help you save the most.

How Does Honey Work?

You can download the Honey extension on most browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. If you’re unsure what a browser extension is, it somewhat functions like an add-on that makes your internet browsing experience even better.

In the case of Honey, the extension functions in real-time, which means that Honey surveys what you’re in the process of buying and offers you a code you can use to get an even better deal. Honey has several features available, which we’ll discuss below:

Honey Gold Rewards Program

Other than saving money, Honey also has a rewards program you can utilize. There are several ways you can earn “Honey Gold” rewards points after you create an account. Once you have sufficient points, you can use them in exchange for gift cards, which you can use at major online stores.


The Droplist feature functions like a Wish list. If there’s an item you like from a store that supports Honey, you can add it to your Honey Droplist. The extension will be on the lookout in case the item’s price decreases. If it does, Honey will send you an email informing you of the price drop.

Savings Finder

This is essentially Honey’s main feature, where it locates the best deals and coupons for your online purchase before you hit the Checkout button.

Price History

With the Price History feature, you can check if the product you want to purchase had a price drop in the past. If it did, this is a good indication that the price may drop again in the future if you don’t mind waiting.

Best Price

Honey will check and compare the price of the item you want with every seller. Then, if the extension finds the same item sold by another seller for less, you’ll be informed right away. This is great for marketplace websites such as Amazon, as you can find the best deals this way as well.

How Does Honey Earn Money?

All the features available on Honey are completely free of charge, so how does the extension earn its share of income? Well, Honey earns through the commissions it receives from online retailers. The company essentially forms a deal with these companies to promote special deals, and they receive a certain amount whenever you use the coupon code.

Honey’s Privacy Policy

What’s great about Honey, asides from the fact that you can save a lot of money, is its privacy policy. From what we can tell, Honey actually respects your privacy, and the company has made it clear to its users that it doesn’t sell your data to third-party companies or organizations. This is very much unlike other websites, which aren’t that upfront about what information they collect from you.


The bottom line is that Honey is a reputable company that aims to help you save money when shopping online. Countless Honey reviews are satisfied with the extension, so if you’re looking to save more or even receive reward points for shopping, definitely try out what Honey has to offer. Besides, it’s completely free to use!

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