May 29, 2020

How can I earn a minted coin in TikTok?

Monetization of the account in TikTok is quite possible. But first, you will have to buy TikTok views and TikTok followers.


  • Is cheating terrible?
  • The main “ambush»
  • Why wind it up
  • Ways to monetize your account in TikTok
  • Personal brand promotion and earnings on live broadcasts
  • We work with popular brands
  • Advertising other people’s profiles

Is cheating terrible?

Is it considered bad form to wind up likes? Not for TikTok, if you plan to spend time on it for free. It’s just a shame to sit in a social network and not make money on it! For the most successful bloggers, TikTok cheating was the beginning of success.

The main «ambush»

To get the first likes in TikTok cheating is necessary. Why? It’s simple: not every user, especially beginners, is able to immediately shoot such a video so that a really huge audience falls for it. But that’s the whole point, otherwise, you won’t be able to advertise anything and even redirect users to your YouTube or Instagram. You need a reliable service to buy attention! Let’s say ALL-SMM, with it is possible to buy TikTok followers without registration.

Why wind it up

Users are constantly searching for interesting videos (this is the principle of the popularity of this social network — constantly updated interesting video content). If they see a video that has received a lot of likes, the probability is that they will also watch it (“everyone watched it, but I didn’t?”) and like.

In just two or three days, a single video can gain thousands of likes, increasing the popularity of the Creator. Users who have viewed the video will probably subscribe, and the number of your fans is a strong indication of your importance and popularity. If you have a crowd of fans, other users will be “attracted” to you.

That is, every like and fan increases the confidence in account from other users who are looking for interesting videos. But to achieve such success solely on your own is highly unlikely: the social network is highly competitive. And you need to be an incredible talent in the field of shooting video content to attract attention from scratch.

Ways to monetize your account in TikTok

There are few working methods for earning money here, but they exist. We will divide them into selling our own product and someone else’s. Selling your product is advertising your personal brand: (goods, services) or monetization of live broadcasts. Selling someone else’s product means collaborating with other brands and advertising other profiles.

Personal brand promotion and earnings on the air

If you are a master in any field (a jeweler or other craftsman who makes a beautiful sought-after product, an excellent repairman, a fitness trainer, a cosmetologist (and a master in related fields), you will succeed. Yes, anyone who produces something useful, pleasant and high-quality, can safely promote their products and services.

To do this, you only need to be able to present them with short commercials. If the video goes viral, it will have a large reach — but, unfortunately, not specified (geo-accuracy and getting into other specified parameters from this social network cannot be achieved).

video production, headphones, lavalier

When you get 100 followers (fans), you will be granted the right to conduct broadcasts. This is an online broadcast intended for viewing by everyone. The audience expressed its approval of the streamer by means of gifts.

There is an internal currency for TikTok coins. The exchange rate is $1, which is about 100 coins. Users of the social network give virtual funds to the author of the stream they like by paying for stickers. 80% of the cost of these gift stickers will be credited to the author of airs.

And these finances can already be withdrawn to a Bankcard, at least for withdrawal – $10. One Chinese gamer-Pro constantly leads the airwaves, demonstrating how he plays on the phone in one of the most popular toys. The number of its viewers-fans once exceeded 22 million, and donates for this stream amounted to more than $167,000.

We work with popular brands

If you are a blogger who has managed to attract more than 10,000 followers, you have a chance to monetize your account using influence marketing. Advertisers are attracted by this social network with a large coverage of notable publications. Direct links cannot be put, there is a way to get around this by sending your fans to your Instagram or YouTube channel.

But you can advertise a brand, increase its awareness, improve the company’s reputation, and ensure its popularity without direct links. How is this possible:

  • engage in product placement. This is when a product, company logo, or other implicit advertising “lights up” in your video content. If you are a popular blogger, it is enough to show that you use a product or service of certain brands, and these brands are guaranteed attention;
  • learn how to create viral videos with brand sponsorship — you need a little creative thinking;
  • publish content by supporting challenges and hashtags launched by brands.

Advertising other people’s profiles

In the video, you can mention any user using”@”. If you have a serious audience in terms of the number of fans, you can earn money from advertising other users and their creativity. Use the specific formats of this social network — “reaction”, “duet”. They significantly help to quickly and easily shift the focus of attention to the profiles of other users. Your services can be used by not very popular musicians, models, and photographers. The process algorithm is as follows:

  • the user created a video and asks the audience to make a creative on this material (the musician can ask to make a clip for a track, etc.);
  • you shoot a video mentioning the author of a creative, it gets significant coverage and becomes more popular, and you earn money from it. Example: if you have 50,000 or more fans and make a video for a customer’s track, you will earn up to 500 rubles.

A little? But this is more interesting than just sitting in a social network. There is a chance to think a little and start creating something useful and popular!

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