June 21, 2021

How can the use of QR codes help futurize hotels and resorts’ guest check-in systems?

Hotels and resorts are one of the best getaway venues people go to unwind and take a break from work or school. These places are also perfect to hold special events like celebrations, gatherings, and meetings. As much as possible, business owners and staff are giving the most convenient and memorable stay their guests deserve.

The hospitality industry is impressively driven by technology in the present time. The means of providing services are now getting better with the use of these modern technologies. Automating some services in hotels and resorts makes the process more efficient and hassle-free for both the staff and the guests.

As hotels and resorts go along with innovation, the use of QR technology becomes popular in the industry. The year 2020 opened a new opportunity for QR codes since businesses are required to promote touchless interactions to help reduce the risk of Coronavirus and for them to continue their operations. Hotels and resorts alternatively use QR codes as means of contactless interactions. Learn how to apply QR codes in hotels and resorts.

QR codes to promote Contactless Check-in System

Today’s new normal setup required people to observe physical distancing and as much as possible, practice touchless transactions. In hotels and resorts, guests normally line up at the front desk to fill out their personal information before they can check in.  Can you imagine how inconvenient it could be if these hotels and resorts hold big events with a large number of guests?  Lining up and waiting for your turn would be very tiresome for the guests. The traditional way of the check-in process also requires the use of tangible materials like paper and pen.

With the use of QR codes, guests will be able to check in smoothly. After scanning a QR code using the camera of their smartphones, guests will be directed to a form where they can type in their personal information and then submit it online. Guests need not wait longer in the lobby since they are now able to check in simultaneously. Because of this, the check-in process becomes faster and well organized. The guests will have more time to relax and enjoy the amenities.

6 easy steps to create QR codes for Contactless Check-in

It may sound difficult but creating a QR code is surprisingly simple. Learn how to create a QR code in just 6 easy steps.

1.      Create a Google form or use other forms as check-in form

2.      Copy the URL of your Google form

3.      Open an online QR code generator with logo

4.      Simply paste the URL (upload file if you are using other types of forms)

5.      Generate and customize your QR code design

6.      Test and download

It is always important to partner with the best online QR code generator. It is highly recommended to do some research first like, inquiring to their support team, reading some reviews and feedbacks before signing up an account.

Other creative ways to utilize QR code in hotels and resorts

Now that businesses are seeing a lot of potentials this QR technology can do, they have used QR codes creatively in their operations. Here’s the list of some other ways to utilize QR codes in hotels and resorts:

QR codes for a list of services. Services that are listed on a piece of paper can be crumpled or mostly thrown away after use. With a QR code, guests can access easily the list of services offered once they scan it. They can also save it on their phone so can check it anytime.

QR codes for the menu. With the use of a menu QR code, you can give your guests a digital dimension of checking your menu by just scanning the code. Making use of a dynamic QR code is recommended for updating your menu effortlessly.

QR codes for a list of amenities. You can simply generate a QR code for a landing page with text and pictures of your amenities. Customized your list of amenities by adding pictures.

QR codes for reviews. Collecting guests’ reviews is more convenient using a QR code. Displaying a QR code for reviews in your guests’ room allows them to leave a review conveniently in their leisure time.


Tapping the help of QR technology to provide better services in hotels and resorts is not a bad idea after all. These QR codes will make everything more convenient for the guests. Guests will now have plenty of time to relax and enjoy their stay.

After all, you can easily access a QR code generator online and swiftly create one to simplify your business operations. With so many benefits given by the QR codes, it’s undeniably an exceptional tool every business must have now.

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