October 9, 2013

How I Make Money from my Blog All Tech Buzz

Many people keep on asking me this question what is the source of my income and how I make money from my blog? For all those who are looking for an answer here is a detailed article on the methods I implement on my blog to make money.Though I have 10+ other blogs ,in this article I am going to restrict myself to All Tech Buzz only.I may release a couple of income reports in the upcoming months where I will be revealing how much I make money online and the primary sources of income.

How All Tech Buzz makes money?

1.Direct Banner Advertising:

I daily get popped up with a minimum of 5 mails requesting for banner advertising on my blog.Of which not all of the deals goes well but I tend to make at least 1 deal per day with direct banner advertising.

Currently if you check my blog almost all the ad spots are taken up by direct banner advertisers which is one of the primary sources of income of All Tech Buzz.

I roughly make anywhere between $400 – $800 via banner advertisements on my blog per month.

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2.Sponsored(Paid) Reviews:

The past few months I have written some nice number of sponsored reviews for my advertisers.Though I get hundreds of sponsored reviews requests per month, I pick up some reasonably good services that can be useful for my readers.I always check the quality of the services or product offered by those websites and I only accept if the products or services are extremely good and which can be useful for my readers.

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I also get some sponsored reviews request from sponsoredreviews.com as well but I reject most of the sponsored review from this service as 50% of the commission is taken up by them.

On an average I make around $500 to $800 by posting Sponsored Reviews.

3.Google Adsense:

Adsense is never a primary source of income on All Tech Buzz and never will be unless and until I become a premium adsense publisher.Adsense income keeps on fluctuating month by month.If I get good number of direct advertisers I tend to remove Adsense ads to the best possible extent.If you see the current adsense ads I have placed only 1 or 2 ad units.

I always keep on trying various ad placements with adsense ads on my blog.Adsense income is very low from All Tech Buzz compared to my other niche blogs.The reason behind me not using adsense much on this blog is simple ,I don’t want to depend on Adsense at all.I may completely remove adsense one day.
On an average I make around $150 – $300 per month via adsense on All Tech Buzz.

4.Web Blog Ads:

Web Blog ads is similar to Buy Sell Ads but we didn’t get an approval from Buysell ads so we are using Web Blog Ads as an alternative to Buy Sell ads which is doing great on my blog.Its not only helping us to fetch a extra revenue by selling banner ads but also helping us to get a lot of direct banner advertisers.

On an average we make around $300 to $600 per month via Web Blog Ads.


I use only 1 infolinks ad unit on my blog as an additional source of income.I personally don’t like infolinks ads as they are very annoying.It is just used as an alternative to Google Adsense.

  • You can check out infolinks review here

On an average I make around $60 – $150 per month via infolinks.

6.Media.NET (Yahoo Bing Ads):

Currently I removed these ads for a while.In the past with a surprise Yahoo Ads out performed Google Adsense which didn’t last long.Day by day their CPM got lowered and I was forced to remove these ads completely on All Tech Buzz.But I just use one ad unit either on the right side bar or below the post to generate an extra income.

  • Check out Yahoo Bing Ads(Media.NET) Review

I make anywhere between $50 – $150 per month via Yahoo Bing Ads.

7.Affiliate Marketing:

Recently I started promoting hosting offers on my blog.Currently I am not using affiliate marketing model to the full potential on this blog but still I make few sales of Hostgator and iPage from my blog every month.Which fetch me a decent commission.

I make around $200+ per month via affiliate sales.


Honestly speaking I dont use clixsense at all but the affiliate links which I left in my posts send a lot of referral signups to me.I have over 2000+ referrals on my clixsense account.These referrals help me to make money via clixsense without me doing anything .

I make $50+ per month via Clixsense.

9.Our Services:

I also offer services via my blog.I am expanding the services list day by day.We tend to build a relationship with our clients who contact us for seo/smo services.

On an average we make around $500+ per month from our services.

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10.Blogging /SEO/Making Money Online Coaching:

I also take paid online classes for  bloggers who are struggling in blogging ,making money online and seo.I teach them from the very basic to advanced strategies.So far this course has done great and I am planning something big in few days.Currently this course is very much restricted to few people and I am soon going to release this course for all the people who are interested in Blogging and Making Money Online.

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Making money online is not that easy at the same time not impossible as well.If we are the right track then we can make unlimited money online.But money is just materialistic thing.More than money I have got a lot of fame and name.

Now All Tech Buzz is featured over many places as one of the top tech blogs in India.I get a lot of appreciation from various people saying that I have solved their issues related to Technology.Its a lot to me than money.But to get a positive motivation and to keep things online I need some money for my expenses , all my financial issues are completely solved by All Tech Buzz.Overall I make a four figure income from my blog ($XXXX) i.e few lakh rupees per month.

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