September 21, 2022

How to Acquire Users for Your App?

Attracting customers is not an easy task in today’s competitive environment. New apps and games appear in digital stores literally every day. Standing out from the crowd and winning users’ attention are the main tasks of developers and publishers. This article will cover the basic details and channels of user acquisition marketing, so if you are new to the business, use it as a practical manual.

What Is User Acquisition?

User acquisition is a multi-step process of attracting new users to your product. It can be applied to any item. In mobile development, organic user acquisition is all about optimizing your app store listings and multiple communication channels to increase your app’s discoverability and improve your install conversion rate.

How to Acquire New Users?

There are quite a few methods on how to acquire users for your app. It is better to use several techniques at once to attract the maximum percentage of the target group. The main and universal methods that can be included in any user acquisition plan are described below.

App store optimization

Since you build a mobile product, you need to make sure that it is presented in the app stores in the best possible way. It is exactly what ASO does. Platforms like Asolytics help IT professionals to optimize their app pages and drive as much traffic as possible. You should create informative visual assets and fill texts with relevant keywords. Opt for the app keyword ranking checker and other specialized tools to measure your performance to save time.

Use paid ads

Paid advertising through mobile user acquisition campaigns will help you reach users you could not get on your own. Generate different content for diverse platforms to create more personalized ads. It is a great way to increase brand awareness even if you haven’t published your product on app stores yet. It is effective but can be expensive at the same time, increasing the average customer acquisition cost of a mobile app.

Provide a trial version or demo

Trial periods help users get to know your product better, evaluate all its features, and understand whether it is suitable or not. If you puzzle over how to get users for your app, offer them a demo or even consider implementing a freemium model. This is how you show that your product solves customer problems and offers excellent functionality worth the money. At the end of the trial period, users will want to extend access to the opportunities that have opened before them.

Marketing models: referral, from your website, by word of mouth, and emails

The user acquisition strategies for mobile apps also include almost all types of marketing. Offer existing users some bonuses for referring friends, cooperate with other creators and influencers, make sharing on social networks as simple as possible, and do bulk emailing. Any of these methods increases brand awareness, which, together with other steps, allows you to turn prospects into real customers.

Reviews and ratings

Positive reviews and a high rating on app stores can majorly impact the first impression of new customers. Any app download analytics shows that visitors trust those products that have more reviews on the pages. Encourage loyal clients to leave feedback, and make this process seamless.

Now you know how to increase the user base for an app and attract prospects from your target group. However, winning customers’ attention is only half the battle; you should also be able to retain them. That is why it is essential to approach the remaining stages of business development responsibly.

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