November 21, 2019

How to Choose a Dress Shirt?

Choosing dress shirts – Overhemden Online that fit you right and give you your desired formal look could be a little challenging. For accomplishing this task, you will have to educate yourself with a few basics about dress shirts to know which one could be the best pick for you. Additionally, in order to know which dress shirt is the best fit for your size, you would still have to keep reading on and enlighten yourself with the tips mentioned in this article.

If you are first time buyers looking for good quality dress shirts and trying to figure out which one to buy and what to look for in a good dress shirt, then read on and find out.


The first characteristic of your dress shirt you need to look out for when you are about to purchase one is the size of its collars. There are different types of collars of dress shirts. Two main categories include; attachable collars and detachable collars.

Attachable collars have further size specifications which are the basis of the degree of formality of a dress shirt. The simplest way to explain collar size selection would be it should fit your neck with the margin of space for two fingers to fit. The general range of collar sizes lies between 14” and 18”.


The second thing to look for in the dress shirt you are about to purchase is the type of cuffs it has and how they will be sealed. Generally, there are three varieties of cuffs available; single fold, double fold, and the Barrel Cuffs.

The single-fold cuffs are the most formal cuff style. They are sealed with cuff links. The double fold cuffs are also sealed with cuff links. They are considered less formal as compared to single cuffs and consist of the extra length of sleeves. This enables the wearer to make the double fold and fasten it to the cuff links. Barrel cuffs are considered the standard styled cuffs which are sealed with two buttons sewn at the bottom of the cuff. No matter which type of cuffs you choose to go for, as it has been mentioned you can either fasten them with cuff buttons or cuff links.

Sleeves & Hems

Length of sleeves and the style of the hem is one of the most important considerations when choosing a dress shirt. You have to decide whether you want to go for uneven and lengthier hems or even and lengthier hems. Do you want to select a short length dress shirt regardless of the hem’s specifications? It all depends on your choice.

In the same way, the length of the sleeves can be shorter or longer. It all depends on the degree of formality you want to sport. The more formal you want to look, the lengthier the sleeves should be.

Styles and Patterns

There are a variety of styles and patterns available, from solid colors to check print to stripes. You may select whichever best suits your style, personality and the level of formality of the event you are about to attend. White collars and white-colored dress shirts are the classics standard.

The Right Fit

The last step in selecting the right dress shirt for yourself includes knowing how to find the right fitting dress shirt. In order for customers to buy the dress shirt which best suits their needs and fits their sizes, they need to take into account the following points and avoid pitfalls of buying the wrong sized dress shirt.

First of all, a well-fitting dress shirt would have its shoulder hems just on the top of your shoulders, not too near to the neck nor dragging downwards. If the shoulder hems are too close to the neck, it indicates that the sleeves are too tight for the person wearing them. Alternatively, the dragging sleeves show that this person is wearing a dress shirt bigger than his actual size. Both blunders do not give the perfect formal look required for a job interview or professional meet up. Thus, before buying the dress shirt and while trying it on, check whether the armholes and sleeves area comfortable fit your shoulders hem or not.

Secondly, the size of your sleeves and armholes regardless of the length should be accommodating enough for the roundness of your arms. A too-tight sleeved dress shirt would not look formal, professional and handsome at all. Similarly, the cuffs should be tight enough on the wrist so that they need to un-cuffed or unbuttoned in order to roll up the sleeves.

For the perfect formal look, the dress shirt should be your perfect size in regards to the size of the collar, sleeves, armholes, and hems. This guide on how to choose a dress shirt is your gateway to the perfect selection of a dress shirt.

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