June 19, 2021

How to Choose the Best Study App for Your Needs

If you’re a student, you may have plenty of apps on your phone and computer that could potentially distract you from studying. However, not all apps have to have a negative impact on your academic performance! True, Snapchat probably isn’t helping students earn A’s, but there are plenty of study apps out there that can improve your grades if you use them wisely.

That said, there’s no single study app that’s universally ideal for everyone. You need to choose those that are right for your needs in order to get the most benefits from them.

The following tips will help. Keep them in mind as you look for study apps:

Consider Specific Subjects

Many study apps offer general features that can be used to study for virtually any type of course.

However, some study apps are geared towards certain subjects. Often, they’re companion apps of other products or services. An example would be a study app that supplements an online CPA exam prep course.

If you’re generally a strong student, but you’re finding one or two particular subject areas more challenging than most, start your search by looking for apps designed specifically to help you study those subjects more effectively.

Consider Your Needs

Not all study apps offer the same features. Some apps help students more easily take and keep track of notes. Some help students create flashcards and study guides. Some simply help students keep distractions at bay when studying.

(Given that research indicates young people may be more distracted than ever, such an app can be very valuable for students.)

Consider which types of studying tasks or skills you have the most difficulty with. Making a list of the areas where you need the most assistance can help you narrow down your list of apps to use.

Compare Prices

Although most study apps are somewhat different from one another, odds are good that regardless of which specific type of app you plan on using, there’s more than one product out there that can serve your needs.

Don’t just settle on the first app you find that offers the features and content you’re looking for. If it’s free, it’s possible there’s a superior alternative you haven’t found yet.

If it’s not, however, it’s also possible there’s a similar app out there that’s equally useful but doesn’t cost nearly as much.

If you’re like most students, you’re on a tight budget. You need to spend wisely. True, investing in something that will help you improve your academic performance is a smart way to spend your money, but that doesn’t mean you should spend more than you have to if you can avoid doing so.

Do some research to make a list of a few apps that may be useful to you. Compare their pricing and features to determine which one strikes the best balance between being helpful and affordable.

Ask for Recommendations

Don’t forget to ask your fellow students (particularly those who earn high grades) if they can recommend any study apps! Along with people you know, you can ask for recommendations from others on social media and platforms like Quora and Reddit.

Most importantly, make sure you’re actually using any study apps you purchase! True, an app that helps you organize your class notes may not be as appealing as one that lets you post a photo of your cat with a cartoon mustache on its face, but not all apps are fun. Some are just helpful.

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