August 19, 2020

How to Collect More Emails in 2020: 5 Powerful Methods

Before we get into how to collect more emails, it is important to understand why we need to collect email addresses. Email is 40% more effective than acquiring customers via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Whether you are a big company or a budding brand, chances are your business effects include a rock-solid email marketing campaign strategy. Why?

Well, email marketing is simply a great way to build and retain customers. The basis of marketing and human interaction is that individuals need to see the value for any kind of transaction. Email marketing is a great way to consistently provide this value proposition without being too pushy or spammy.

From simple yet overlooked things like an email signature generator to building lead magnets are among many powerful methods in lead generation. It is important to collect emails and continue to increase your reach to grow the pie of your business. Here is the guide on how to college more emails in 2020 with five powerful methods.

Add Live chat to your website

As someone visits your website, you want to use this opportunity to your benefit and convert these visitors into customers. Live chat is an incredible way to capture the attention of these visitors and convert them into email leads.

Live chat usage by customers has gained popularity in recent years, it was 38% in 2009, and it had gone up to 68% in 2015. There are plenty of tools like LiveChat, Intercom which allow you to capture email leads directly in the live chat widget.

For example, if someone spends time viewing a specific product, you can use the live chat feature to ask this customer if they want more information and offer to send it via email. With quick response time and ability to personalize and gather email details, live chat is great to capitalize on people interested in visiting your website.

Use email signature in your emails

Email signatures can become a lead generation magnet if you use it wisely. Starting from identifying the best possible email signature editor to identifying what information optimizes email signatures is important.

For example, a banner with a good call to action or CTA in your email signature can give you new users every day.

Things that are in a typical business card like your name, title, company, and website are a must in email signatures. Apart from that, things like good graphics, video clips, and links that are well placed after a good CTA can attract your readers’ attention. They will nurture your leads and increase your customer base.

Think of this as an opportunity to promote your upcoming events and drive targeted traffic to generate qualified leads and collect more emails for segmentation.

Build a proper lead magnet

As the term suggests, a lead magnet is a free offer you deliver in exchange for a website visitor’s information. Webinars, Ebooks, email courses, or a free tool are also great options for lead magnets.

But in order for your visitor to give you their email address, you have to make sure that you have an enticing enough value proposition. This is where the term lead magnet originates, and you should build your lead magnet keeping this in mind.

So, when creating a lead magnet, keep your audience in mind, truly understand what they are looking for, assess what you have to offer, and put forth something that is a good combination of what you have to offer and what your audience wants. Lead magnets are on the rise because they are one of the most engaging ways to connect with users.

Make sure you also have a good promotion strategy in place, so you gain maximum benefit from your efforts and collect emails. But just because something works for a business, it does not mean this is the best possible lead magnet for your business.

So, do have an understanding of your business and your competitors and build a lead magnet accordingly.

Add form or pop-up on your website

The moment someone visits your website, it is fair to assume that they are interested in your content in some capacity. Once they visit your website, if you add a form or a pop-up, you have the opportunity of collecting more emails.

Depending on your business and your type of landing page, you need to figure out what works best for you: a pop-up or a form or both. For example, if you have a cluttered landing page, then a form does not perform well. So, you need a clutter-free landing page to integrate forms.

Even though forms and pop up are easy to collect new emails, you need to optimize the process to gain the most benefit from your efforts. You can also have a pop-up promoting certain aspects of your business. Things like custom placeholder text, good CTA, comment box, and countdown times are effective ways of integrating forms or pop-ups on your website.


Decide what you want for your brand, research practices your competitors have adopted, and devise a strategy that works best for you to collect more emails.

Run Facebook lead ads

Before you decide whether or not to run Facebook lead ads, it is important to understand how your business can benefit from them. Facebook lead ads allow your users to click on your ads, and a form pops up afterward. This is particularly effective for mobile users.

Given that 3.8 billion people use social media, and out of this population, 3.75 billion people use social media via mobile apps, the mobile app friendly lead generation method is key to your lead generation strategy. Plus, Facebook lead ads are affordable and cheap as of now.

So, make the most of it and make it a part of your lead generation strategy and collect more emails. Make the most of your audience engagement. Create Facebook lead ads that ask the right questions and integrate other tracking methods like CRM tools to see what works and what does not and modify your Facebook lead ads accordingly.

Use this to your advantage, collect more emails with Facebook lead ads, and increase your customer base.

The goal is to give customers what they want. Regardless of what you have to offer, if you do not have a clear value proposition in place, your prospects will not be in a process to assess if this is something they want to engage in or not.

Businesses want to collect more emails because they want more leads, and they want more leads because they want more customers. There are leads, and there are qualified leads, these powerful methods will allow you to collect more emails of qualified leads.

Think about it, if someone engaged with your content after they clicked on a value proposition you presented, they are in the mood to engage. Use this to your advantage and be quick to entice these prospects further and convert them into customers. Adopt these powerful methods to build your email list and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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