November 1, 2018

Blog Commenting Backlinks Building (Tips & Tricks), Sites List 2019

Blog Commenting Backlinks Building (Tips & Tricks), Sites List 2019 – The title is very simple and little funny, isn’t it? How to comment on blog?

But trust me this is a serious post about commenting on blogs. First, let me answer the question why you will comment on other blogs?

  1. You have to comment on blogs to express your thoughts after reading the post. It is the primary cause.
  2. Mostly you will comment on the blogs that are in your niche. So these comments will show your expertise on that topic.
  3. By commenting you can build quality backlinks for your blog.
  4. You should comment on blogs to get targeted traffic to your money site.
  5. Commenting on high page rank and authority blogs can increase your search ranking. It will be very effective to get organic traffic from search engines.
  6. By commenting on other blogs and by participating on the comment threads you can stay updated always.

Blog Commenting Backlinks Building (Tips & Tricks), Sites List 2019

To be frank, Blog commenting is dead now (for rankings). Mark my words, gone are those days when bloggers and website owners used to comment on others websites with their blog posts URL and main keyword as an anchor text and were getting higher rankings. Now, the game has been changed completely and editorial links matter the most. Blog commenting now matters but in a completely opposite way. Now the publishers must encourage as many users as they can to comment on their blogs. Why? Because it helps in user engagement signals right away.

These are the most common causes of commenting on other blogs.
Now, I will discuss about the right way of commenting on blogs. It is important to know the right way of commenting because if you don’t know this most probably you will counted as a spammer and your reputation will decrease.   You should follow the authorised way to your self branding purposes and to increase your traffic.

Types of comments you should avoid:

  1. One word/Two word comment: While commenting in a blog take your time. Write slowly minimum one paragraph. One word/two words comments like “thank you” “nice post” etc are most common spammy comments. These types of comments will ruin your reputation.
  2. Comment without reading the post: Read the article before commenting on it. It is not waste of time. Be honest while commenting. Avoid commenting on blogs without reading the articles.
  3. Attacking comments: You are commenting to express your thoughts and to build your blog’s traffic. You are not commenting to quarrel with other bloggers. A most common picture on the blog comments is attacking comments. Avoid those for the sake of your own money blog. It is more important for a blogger to build friendship and good relation with other bloggers than building links.
  4. Comments full of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes:  After reading a post write comment calmly. Carefully check and recheck the spellings and grammatical sides of your comment. Then hit on the publish button.
  5. Comment without reading the previous comments: Before commenting on a post read all other previous comments. Participate in the discussion rightly. If you don’t read previous comments most probably your comment will not add value to that post.
  6. Self Promoting Comments: Avoid these types of comments.  Most of the bloggers and new marketer do this wrong commenting and ruin their reputation. Remember while commenting, you are not here to promote yourself, you are here to post a well judged and informative comment.
  7. Without name comment: Some bloggers don’t use their name while commenting. Instead of it they use their blogs keyword. It is a very bad practice I think. You can build your links on various sites (example- Directory, Press release etc) using your keywords. So on blog comment , use your actual name or blog nick name.

Tips to post comment in right way:

You can follow these tips to add value by commenting and get your desired result:

  1. Post a long and informative comment. Your comment must be relevant to the topic and must be a helpful one.
  2. Before posting a comment you can research 15 minutes to get updated information of the topic.
  3. You can solve any problems of other commenter’s on the thread.
  4. If there is an opportunity to add picture on comments, you can use it. This picture will be visible to the readers easily. It is called “Pinterest Method” of driving traffic through commenting. But for god’s sake, don’t use irrelevant and disturbing pictures.
  5. Be honest while commenting. If you disagree with author, post it in a nice tone. Describe wisely with reference why you are not agreeing with him on that point.
  6. You can ask questions. You can answer questions of any other commenter’s on the thread
  7. You can share your personal experience on that topic. People like to read personal experiences of bloggers.
  8. Sense of humour is a wealth. If you have it, use it wisely on the blog comment.
  9. Try to comment early. For this you can subscribe popular blogs.
  10. Add helpful links on your comments.

For any queries related to Blog Commenting Backlinks Building (Tips & Tricks), Sites List 2019, make sure to ask below. You should not comment just for backlinks. Try to help other bloggers by your blogging knowledge. There is a quote of famous motivational speaker Zig Zigler “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” It is very true for bloggers too. You will get everything you want, if you can help people really.

About the Author:Muradul Islam is a blogger and Online activist. He is the owner of Flowingevents ; a Blogging and Life Tips blog. You can Follow him on Twitter , Facebook  and on Google+.

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