May 24, 2020

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4 Safely on Your MAC or PC?

YouTube is an online video streaming platform that lets users surf videos, save them for watching later, or viewing them in offline mode. But not all videos uploaded are allowed to be saved for viewing later in offline mode. Additionally, many times people don’t have enough time at hand to view lengthy playlists at once. To counter all such problems, it is necessary that people come up with backup ideas such as Free YouTube to MP4 Converter, to help them download and save videos onto their device. This would help them view these videos whenever they get the time and keep revisiting them in their gallery without any internet connection required.

Many online websites offer YouTube video downloaders and MP4 format converters. However, you must always use one from a trusted source to avoid malware and other malicious software scams. Once you decide on a downloader or website which offers video format conversion services, you will have to follow the steps mentioned in the next section. Whether you are using MAC or PC, you can follow these steps for both devices unless otherwise mentioned on the software or online services providers’ website.

Steps for Converting YouTube videos to MP4 on MAC and PC

In order to convert a YouTube video to MP4, first of all, download reliable software such as the one mentioned in this write-up. Then follow these steps:

  1. Log on to YouTube and visit the video you aim to download.
  2. Simultaneously, run the video downloading software in another window.
  3. Copy the video’s link from YouTube and paste it into the downloader’s address bar.
  4. From the drop-down menu listed beside the address bar, select MP4 video format.
  5. Many times the MP4 format comes in two forms: The original quality and economy. Original is the heavier file and Economy is the smaller sized output file. Whichever you want, select that option and then press ‘Download’.
  6. Your video will start downloading in the converted format in a few minutes.

The question which arises here is that why one should put so much effort into converting YouTube videos into MP4 format, why not download them in their original or suggested any other format? Let’s explore the answer under the next head.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Converting a Video into MP4 Format

While each file format has its own benefits, mostly video downloading platforms suggest downloading videos in MP4 format. This is because MP4 files can be played easily on various platforms. Additionally, MP4 files can store images, lyrics, subtitles, and stuff like that from videos uploaded. Users can opt for playing subtitles and select images to show up as a thumbnail.

The audio quality of MP4 files is as good as its video quality, even though the files are highly compressed to produce normal-sized files. MP4 files can be stored on a variety of media players and sound cards easily. These are all the reasons why MP4 is the most preferred form of file format and most downloaders suggest converting YouTube videos into it before downloading them.

The downsides of using MP4 format include its difficulty to be edited, desynchronization of audio and video elements of a file, and the promotion of illegal distribution of copyrighted material. While most home users find MP4 file format extremely feasible and useful, experts opine that it is one of the most difficult file formats for editing and updating purposes.

Although, VLC Media players support this file format to a great extent and allows its users to edit and update their videos using the tools provided by its platform, it is still not user friendly in terms of editing. This is because this file format has the ability to store metadata, playback resources, titles, and subtitles, images alongside audio and video details. When all of these details are stored in one place, it automatically makes it difficult for the file format to be edited.

Another drawback is that sometimes, the audio and video of the file become desynchronized. This drawback occurs due to technical problems and cannot be rectified. All a user can do is to download the video once again from the start.

The last drawback of using MP4 file format is that owing to its immense popularity and portable nature, the file format is being used across the internet to download copyrighted material for illegal distribution. This drawback is still being worked upon by the experts to perfect the MP4 file format and rid it of its cons.

Using A Software to Convert YouTube videos to MP4

After explaining the benefits of converting your videos to the MP4 file format, the only query that remains to be addressed here is why use software to convert YouTube videos to MP4. The answer is because the software allows users to download files safely onto their devices and have been programmed according to each device’s operating system. This helps them in ensuring the smooth transfer of files. Additionally, it also ensures error-free and virus-free file conversion. All of these perks come for free when you use the software since this software is also free of cost.


Downloading YouTube videos is becoming more of a necessity for this generation. The need of the hour calls for proactive measures to be taken and keeping a good MP4 converter is one of them. The pros of using an MP4 file format to download and store all your videos outweigh its cons.

People who use software to help with this conversion take a safer route than those who go for converters available online for free.  If you also need to convert all your videos to MP4 file format before downloading them, you must do so via MP4 conversion software such as the one mentioned in this article. This would help you in accessing them anytime and from any device. Moreover, the use of the software will ensure your device’s safety.

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