September 5, 2019

How to create a gambling website using WordPress

Many people think that building a website requires great programming skills, months or even years of practice, and it’s great if you have them or even some knowledge, but it isn’t necessary. WordPress can get you far enough as building a website without any back-end or code experience.

It’s no wonder WordPress is so popular lately, being used by almost a third of the websites today. It has become so helpful over time that one can create any kind of website, from blogs to gambling websites and more.

Online gambling is one of the best money-making niches, with an increasing number of players and sign-ups. If you’ve decided to create a website for it, you should expect great winnings and fierce competition.

The best choice you can make to start on this journey is to use the WordPress platform.

There are a few steps to follow to accomplish your goal and create your gambling website, like, one of the leading promotions websites in Canada.

Buy a domain name

This is the web address that customers will use to locate you, so it needs to be as close to the business or website’s name as possible, simple, short, and easy to remember.

To buy one, just head to a domain name registrar that you’ll find with a quick search on your favorite browser.

Once you’ve found it, search the address you want, and if it’s available, you may purchase it. To keep the same domain, the payment has to be renewed every year.

Find a hosting provider

Just imagine this as a small territory for your business, only virtual. Without it, your WordPress site can’t reach the online world. So, find a hosting provider to rent you this plot of virtual land, and ensure it provides:

  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater/ MariaDB version 10.0 or greater;
  • HTTPS support;
  • PHP version 7.2 or greater.

There are two types of hosting: shared and managed.

The shared hosting has a lower price/month, but, as the name suggests, you’ll have to share a server with other sites, along with the capacity for traffic and storage space.

Managed hosting can take the shape of a virtual private server, and it is recommended for larger sites, like gambling websites.

As you would expect, the prices are higher, in comparison with the other option. There is also the possibility to start with the shared option, then make an upgrade when you observe the traffic is increasing.

Once the hosting was purchased, you need to link your domain name. As you can see here, Verpex offers both.

Once your domain name has been linked, you’ll need to set up the billing details, provide information about your name, business name, address, etc., and select the time you want to sign up. The month-to-month payment will turn out more expensive than paying for a year.

Install WordPress

Depending on the provider, WordPress can be installed in one click, from your dashboard. In the rare case the one-click downloading is not available, you may install the program manually, which is not as simple, but doable.

Choose a WordPress theme

Now things start to get fun. A theme is like a template for your gambling site, where you can add your content. Whether you choose to install a free theme or purchase one, the process is simple:

  1. Log in to your WP account;
  2. Go to Appearance, and click Themes;
  3. Above the themes, click ‘Add new’, and use the search bar for your specific industry, such as casino themes;
  4. After you have ‘demo’ some themes and found the one you like better, click ‘install’;
  5. After downloading, activate your theme.

For purchasing a theme, follow the first 3 steps from above, and once you’ve decided on your theme, click ‘Upload theme”, then you’ll be asked to select a .zip file from your computer and choose your new theme file. A success message will appear, along with an activation link.

In case you don’t find the perfect theme for you, there are third-party theme providers, and you will most certainly find what you are looking for, such as ThemeForest, ThemeFuse, Templatic, and many others.

Add your content

Now it’s time to add written content to our gambling website, and there are 2 important categories: Pages and posts.

You need to create pages, and they are static. Many themes show the static pages in the navigation bar, such as ‘about us,’ ‘terms and conditions’ and more.

For posts, you need to create a blog section.

Once both of them are created, there should be added your own content, such as games, promotions, loyalty program, as for the blog, any written content you find appropriate for your business.

Customize your website

To do that, rename your site title and tagline, include a navigational menu, and set the homepage. You will be able to do these steps, just by checking the WP dashboard.

Install WP plugins

Think of it as installing features that can’t be found on WP. It sounds so good you might want to quickly get them all, but having too many plugins will slow down your website. Two of the most important WP plugins you should have, are: Contact Form, Yoast SEO, and Woocomerce, which will give you the ability to sell products on your site.

Now, you will notice a large number of gambling plugins, and thankfully, they come with a rating, so you should choose the ones with positive reviews and hundreds of downloads.


Even if your website is looking great by now, you should never stop updating your themes and plugins; otherwise, it might harm your website, or your users might get bored. Always check for updates in your WP dashboard, in the ‘Update Options’ menu. To make things easier, you can update automatically.

In conclusion, WordPress offers an extensive range of options, that are easily available and very easy to use, it isn’t costly, and it doesn’t require too much time or code knowledge. A perfect option for your new gambling website!

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