February 15, 2021

How to Deposit in Online Casinos Via Different Payment Methods?

Online casinos provide an almost perfect gaming experience for players. They can enjoy hundreds of games, cross-platform support, and instant payment methods. We consulted the experts about different options to deposit funds to web casinos. Whether you are an online gaming newbie or want to find a more convenient way of depositing, make sure to check out the most frequent choices below!


PayPal is an internet payment system popular across various continents. You’ll find online casinos in South Africa that accept PayPal, but this method is also popular in Europe, North America, and even Australia.

Before depositing to your casino account, it’s vital to add funds to your PayPal profile. You can do that directly from a bank account or use a credit or debit card. The uploading process usually takes seconds, but it’s necessary to verify the funding source first.

Once you add the money, it’s necessary to log in to the desired casino site. After logging in, head to the Deposit pages and choose PayPal. The system will ask for your PP e-mail address and redirect you to confirm the transfer from your account.

After finalizing the process, you’ll notice the money in your casino balance instantly. PayPal is among the immediate payment methods, which makes it extremely convenient when playing online. If it happens that you need more funds, reloading your balance will only take seconds.

The versatility of using PayPal is impressive. You can use it to pay on thousands of websites and also connect it to QuickBooks Online or other platforms.

Other E-Wallets

Apart from PayPal, you can use many other internet payment services. These are known under the name e-wallets. They work by using the same principle – you have an account where you upload the money and use that cash to deposit to online casinos.

These are the most frequent e-wallets that gaming platforms offer:

  • Neteller – it’s the most popular in the gambling industry because of its fast and secure payments. Any online casino can add Neteller as a payment option easily, which makes it convenient. The transfers are instant, and that includes both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Skrill – the British e-payment service is fast and safe, and it’s a favorite of UK players. If you used e-wallets in the past, you might know the Skrill under the name MoneyBookers. It rebranded several years ago and significantly improved its services.
  • EcoPayz – also known as EcoCard, this e-wallet has more than two decades of tradition. It’s suitable for deposits and cashing out, and it only requires entering your necessary account details.

The advantages of e-wallets are you don’t provide any bank account or credit card details. You only enter your wallet’s address to initiate a fund transfer. That enables better funding control because you can only deposit the amount you have available in the web wallet.

Credit and Debit Cards

Did you know that over a billion credit cards are in circulation only in the United States? This payment option works both offline and online. You can take it to most supermarkets and other stores. Thanks to the technological improvement, it’s enough to get the card close to the scanning device and finish the payment. The wide range of options where you can use credit and debit cards makes this method the users’ favorite.

Most online casinos consider cards the primary payment method. They support the major brands like Visa and MasterCard, although you’ll see many platforms adding Discover and other issuers to the list. It’s critical to connect the card to your bank account, which means that’s the funding source.

Depositing with a credit card is convenient. However, it will take providing the card number and its expiration date, and the security number. That way, this payment method achieves higher safety. The biggest problem is the connection to your bank account. It increases the risk of depositing more money than you originally planned.


Bitcoin is the superstar of the cryptocurrency world, and it once again achieved record value in February. Many believed that crypto would be a one-time wonder, but these currencies are here to stay. Apart from BTC, you can use Ethereum, Litecoin, and others for online payments.

As for web casinos, the majority support only Bitcoin at this point. It’s evident a higher number of platforms will add cryptocurrency as an option in the future. We’ll also see other currencies listed, but the deposit process will remain the same.

Here is what you need to deposit crypto to an online casino:

  1. Make sure to have a wallet with sufficient crypto with it.
  2. At the cashier page, pick the Deposit option and enter the wallet address.
  3. Finalize the transaction. The time required to process it depends on the website. However, most crypto deposits are instant or shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Depending on the casino, your cryptocurrency might be turned into USD or another fiat currency for playing purposes. If that happens, it’s smart to note the exact value you invested so that you can keep track of profits and losses.

Other Popular Methods

Here are some other methods you might encounter at online casinos:

  • Paysafecard – it’s a prepaid card that allows funding your account by entering the voucher code. The depositing process is instant, but withdrawals aren’t an option.
  • Pay by phone – some casinos offer an option to pay with your phone. The transfers are instant, and they increase your phone bill for that month.
  • Bank transfers – you can also transfer funds directly from a bank account. The methods vary on the location. Canadians can use Instadebit or eCheck, and you can always choose a classic wire transfer. However, traditional transfers often take a few working days to process.

Final Thoughts

Players frequently use only one or two payment methods. However, it’s always welcome when you have a long list of methods available. The odds are you have a credit card, which could make that option the most convenient. However, if you want a better way to control the invested funds, an e-wallet could be a wise selection. Many users moved to cryptocurrencies for improved safety, but the market volatility implies you need to be smart about using this option. The selection comes down to your preference, so pick a suitable method and start playing today!

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