May 17, 2020

How to Download YouTube Playlists in MP3/MP4

YouTube is a useful resource for many people. For students, it’s a mini university, for cooking enthusiasts it serves as the cooking channel, and for fitness conscious people, it has a million exercise videos hosted on its platform. Similarly, it is home to a whole lot of tutorials which can be about any craft or skill whether online or physical one, you name it. These include activities like sewing, organizing the home, reviews, audiobooks on a plethora of subjects, so on and so forth.

YouTube has become a blessing for this generation. You don’t need to spend money on any kind of learning now. You can educate yourself or enjoy your favorite songs and programs without having to pay a penny.

It’s a fact that there are many people who like to save YouTube videos by downloading them for future replays and references on their devices. This ‘growing need’ has paved the way for individuals and teams who can dedicate their time, resources, and skills to develop solutions in the form of software for others who need them. Though this process costs them reasonable bucks, they provide valuable solutions for free.

The most common example of these software solutions is the software that allows video downloading from almost any video hosting platform including YouTube. While some of them work well with individual videos, others provide users a chance for downloading videos from YouTube in bulk and save them on their device.

However, many people have no clue how to use a free video downloader for Youtube. They are completely naïve and uninformed about the process. If you are also an amateur who needs some help with downloading YouTube videos in bulk playlists in MP3 or MP4 formats, then fret not. This guide is designed to provide you with the information you need in a step by step format so that you are able to save these videos.

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Steps for Downloading YouTube Playlists in MP3/MP4 Format

  1. To start with, log on to your device and download software that will help you in this task. If you are not sure which software is the best or is compatible with your device, just click on the given link and you’ll be redirected to the right page.
  2. Once you have downloaded the software, run it.
  3. Open your browser and visit the MP3 from YouTube you wish to download.
  4. Copy its link, open the downloader’s tab and paste the link into its address bar.
  5. Choose a video format.
  6. Press the download button and wait while the process completes.

That’s it. Your whole YouTube playlist is now saved in your device in your desired output formats.

Benefits Of Using Downloading Software

After elaborating on the importance of YouTube in a daily user’s life, let’s shed some light on the need and benefits of using software to download YouTube videos in bulk and not the other options.

Let’s start with the one thing that might be occupying your mind right now. You might be tempted to ask why you should choose software when you can easily take the help of an online service providing the same utility. Well, here’s our two cents.

First of all, the online services which offer to download YouTube videos can do so by downloading them one by one only. Despite their capability to extract the playlist contents from the link you enter, they will still not be able to auto queue them or download them all at once without causing your system to crash. They will get the information about videos in one tab and prompt you to press the ‘download’ button under each video manually. Even if you press ‘download’ for all of them at once, then again, your system might crash due to the increased activity and heavy size of files.

Secondly, online services are only good for downloading videos. There are many other benefits and perks that come with using the playlist download software. These include:

  • Downloading videos from not just YouTube but other video hosting platforms as well.
  • Being able to download videos in a range of video formats from 4K to 8K, MP3 to MP4, 720p to 1080p and the list goes on.
  • Downloads the playlist all at once without you have to manually initiate each download.
  • No ads or pop-ups as in the case of online services. When you download videos online services, a pop-up or a new tab always opens up asking you to try a new software service or showing you ‘fix a bug in your system’ kind of phony messages.
  • The software comes free of cost for lifetime usage. It does not ask for any kind of payment or fee.
  • There are no download limits. You don’t get messages such as ‘you have reached your download limit for today’ while using software.
  • Your system will not crash while using a download YouTube playlist software because it has been programmed to handle the pressure of size and number of videos.
  • Using software would save you a lot of time since it comes with a fast speed.
  • The 24/7 customer support and cooperation you receive is another benefit of using YouTube playlist downloading software.


What started off as a video sharing platform has now grown into hub of knowledge, center for creativity and home of entertainment. YouTube has exceeded all the expectations one can have from a video sharing and streaming platform and continues to impress daily. The platform’s growth has attracted millions of users worldwide who have uploaded their content on the platform and download from it too. With an increased trend of searching YouTube for anything you need to learn about and then downloading the respective videos, there will be further increase in the use of video downloading software. Therefore, it is wise to make use of software from trusted sources just like the one mentioned above to help you download videos and save them on your device.

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