February 11, 2022

How To Get More Views On Instagram Stories

Stories are one of the most powerful tools for promoting Instagram. In order to increase your reach and get new subscribers, you need your stories to be viewed by your followers.

Post more stories

Instagram promotes profiles with more content. This way you will be watched.

Make sure you add location

This will help you break out the story’s top for a specific location. If you’re at a popular place, on top of a mountain, or at a major event, don’t miss a moment!

Use hashtags

You might get a new audience from the hashtag and geo-tagging if you get to the top of the stories. So this is another chance to get to the top for free.

Buy Instagram story views

The more story views you have, the more engagement algorithms you give. Try one of the most reliable websites for buying Instagram story views Viewsta.com and go to the top! The price is only $1.5 per 1000 views.

Invent games or surveys

Arrange, for example, a quest within the stories. Post questions and answers. Make subscribers figure something out while they scroll the feed.

Save your stories on highlights

Users like it when they can immediately find something on your profile that interests them. Stories can become a kind of catalog of your products, the main thing is to design everything attractive and don’t impose your product.

Arrange streams

Instagram notifies subscribers about the live stream, and the author’s profile will appear at the beginning of the story feed. If your followers are interested in you, they will go to your profile after the stream.

Analyze statistics

Attach a business account to analyze stories and track which topics and formats (photos, polls, videos) are gaining the most Instagram stories viewers and which ones are not.

Experiment! What helps one will only make it worse for the other. And most importantly, be yourself. Follow these rules and you’ll see how engagement with your content grows.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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