October 20, 2020

How To Get The Most From Your Front-end Web Developer In 2020?

We mostly associate the nice-looking appearance of a website with its design. However, it’s important not to forget about the front-end’s crucial role in your future project’s architecture. In reality, your success depends on the ability to provide a comprehensive ground for constructing your digital product. That’s why you should adopt a wise approach to hire a developer for this position.

The required skills for a front-end developer

In short, a hired front-end web developer must know how to implement the theoretical knowledge of programming languages for customer good. Let us explain two key ideas in this sentence wider.

Programming languages

In essence, the programming languages are the libraries containing numerous pieces of code. They stand for particular functions on the website or in your product. A front-end developer should know how to choose between React and Angular, among all. React is a library associated with Facebook legacy, while Angular is a Google-driven programming framework. Ideally, your web developer should know both these approaches.

Each new programming language in your web developer’s baggage adds points. But the reality shows that the specialists prefer working with React more, given it’s lightweight and demonstrates better performance.

Client-side orientation

Moreover, the client-side orientation is an important service a front-end developer offers. In fact, it distinguishes this specialist from back-end developers who work with databases only.

In this context, the architecture established should serve users’ needs and interests, meaning easy-to-follow navigation, layouts, and responsive design. For this, the web developer should know the basics of HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript to understand how to connect the designed blocks and systems into a bug-free and user-oriented structure.

The basic responsibilities of a front-end developer

Basically, the coding service of a front-end developer is closely linked with web design. In the given circumstances, the basic list of a web developer’s duties in this position includes:

  • Understanding the structure of web pages,
  • Ensuring the balance between “effective” UX and “attractive” design,
  • Optimizing the speed and scalability of the web pages,
  • Knowing all the needed programming languages to “write” web pages,

To reach the needed level of proficiency in front-end development, your ideal candidate should have the following background:

  • University degree in Computer Science,
  • Technical knowledge of HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Figma, and Adobe Illustrator,
  • Understanding SEO principles and project goals,
  • Soft skills: ability to lead effective communication with designers and other team members.

How to hire a web developer from LemApp

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