January 15, 2021

How to Get Your Business Started On Instagram: 5 Easy Tips

As Bill Gates says, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.

Can we stress the fact more especially in today’s times? Well, we guess not. If your business is on Instagram, then you have already leveled up your business game! But if it’s not, then do not worry. Better start now than being late. Many small and big businesses are running behind creating amazing content for their audience in order to gain real followers and grow organically. Researchers tell that almost 90% of people have also claimed that it is through Instagram that they have explored new businesses and their products.

The beauty of the platform is that it is designed in such a way that any business whether it is operating in e-commerce, technology, publishing, or FMCG can market their products in their own creative way. There is always an audience waiting to meet you. Getting started with business on Instagram is easy but with consistency, one can grow organically and make followers stop by.

Connecting to other social media platforms

You have taken a nice step by deciding to bring your business on Instagram. Now it’s time for some action. Sign up for an Instagram account using the email ID or Facebook. Then add a username that resonates with the account, a compelling photo, a short yet crisp bio, and a call to action. Now, one has to connect the Instagram account with other accounts like Facebook (if not done in the first step), Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr. This will allow the business to post the content simultaneously across different social media channels thereby enhancing the network. People visiting one platform will start visiting the business’ account on other social media platforms.

This thereby helps in increasing visibility because different people are on different channels and the business can grow organically with minimal investment.

Sharing a variety of content on Instagram

People cannot consume the same type of content again and again. People love innovative ideas, creativity, and engaging posts. Thus, it becomes important to share a variety of content that appeals to the audience visually. Instagram is a treat for the eyes that allows them to escape reality. A business is not about its product, services, location, or industry. It’s about people so it should revolve around people.

One should make a list of all aspects that the brand touches and create posts in accordance with that. Typically, a brand can post images of their new products or services, articles or blog posts, memes surrounding the product, some emotional touch to the post, office tours, stories of their employees or clients, events or occasions hosted, behind the scenes of such events and many more. For example, restaurants don’t just post pictures of their food or location, they encourage their customers to put stories or click pics and share on their page.

Usage of relevant hashtags

There is no Instagram business without hashtags. Whenever you decide to post, accompany it with relevant hashtags so that people following the hashtag visit your profile. Hashtags make it easier for people who are searching for a specific type of content.

Local businesses can use hashtags related to the city, big businesses providing some sort of product or service can use hashtags of the particular niche, websites can use hashtags related to the specific industry. If you are willing to spend bucks, then you can use a paid hashtag tool like Tagboard or Keyhole which provides recommendations of hashtags related to the particular brand offering.

Engaging with the community

Brands have to interact with their customers for a great user experience. Including a call to action link in bio or asking people questions through stories or posts help the brands to engage in a better way with customers.

Brands can also ask people to share their own experience while combining it with a relevant hashtag. Organizing photo content will also help then garner more followers.

Tracking Instagram Analytics

Not tracking analytics is the worst thing a business can do. Analytics is an additional feature particularly for business profiles on Instagram. They help you to know your audience, their demographics – age, location, preferences, gender, etc. they help in refining your content strategy and monitoring your success.

You might have to spend some bucks but in the long run, it will be worth all the money spent. Tools such as Curalate and Blitzmetrics help in monitoring Instagram engagement, increase in number of instagram likes & followers, and revenue generated through ads. All this data provides you with information about the type of content that will perform well.

That being said, you should have a plan sorted out to do business on Instagram. Rest, the platform will do for you. Keeping in mind the above pointers, a business can excel over the platform by providing their services.

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Peter Hatch

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