September 26, 2018

How to Identify and Remove Low Quality Content from Google

How to Identify and Remove Low Quality Content from Google, Yahoo & Bing etc. Completely eradicating poor quality content for great SEO is a must step – I already wrote a complete article on How To Recover From Google Panda Effect, this article is a part of the same series to explain “What is low-quality content?“. After a series of Google Panda Updates, now everyone is aware of the importance of high-quality content. Previously webmasters used to think more the number of pages gets indexed in Google then more is the traffic but now things have changed. Even few low-quality articles can lead to a penalty like “One single apple spoiling the whole bunch“.

Always Remember:”Quality is more important than Quantity

How to Identify and Remove Low-Quality Content from Google?

There is a big question in every webmaster mind “What low quality/thin content actually means?“.
Well if you are here with the same question then I am going to clear your doubt in this article.

1. Content with Very Few Words:

Even though most of them feel that the number of words of the article doesn’t matter it is wise to maintain a 500 words article. Sometimes you may not prolong an article to 500 words in such cases keep the article short and concise but get more comments on your post. All the words in the comments will be treated as the content of the article. Accept only those comments which add value to your blog. Spammy comments can harm the blog very badly.

So if you write a article with 200 words and get few comments which comprise of 300 words then 200+300=500. This will be the word count of the article which is a decent length.

2. Outdated Articles:

Sometimes we may write articles related to Technology updates. These articles related to updates may boost your traffic instantly but once when the update is outdated the article will remain as a scrap in your blog or website. You have to identify such articles and remove them immediately.

3. Articles with no Traffic at all (third tip to remove Low Quality Content):

There will be many articles on your website which don’t get traffic at all or gets traffic very barely thereby adding no value to your website. Such articles should either be rewritten, interlinked from the posts for which you get good traffic or must be removed.

4. Duplicate Titles (4th tip to remove Low Quality Content)

Duplicate Titles and Meta Descriptions must be avoided at any cost. Quite often an information may be outdated and you may come up with a new information on the same title. In such cases, you should follow either of the following cases.
  • Re-write the previous article with the latest information(I don’t recommend this because Google takes some time to recrawl an already crawled content and modify it in search results thereby you loose a lot of traffic for a period of time).
  • Remove the previous article then write a new article. After that redirect the previous article URL to the new article[Highly Recommended].
  • Write the new article with different keywords.

For example if you already wrote a article on “Google Panda Update 20” and this time you are writing a article on “Google Panda Update 21” then change the title and write it as “Google Rolled Out a New Panda Update 21” to show a diversification between the both titles.

5. Duplicate Meta Descriptions:

This is also the same as the above-explained scenario regading Low Quality Content. To find out if your site has Duplicate Meta Description follow the below steps.
  • There you can find the number of duplicate Meta Descriptions on your website.

6. Achieve Pages:

Sometimes Google indexed the achieve pages of a blog/website thereby creating low-quality content without your notice. To check the indexed pages in Google, go to google. com then type site:yoursite. com(Replace yoursite. com with your website address).

Low Quality URL’S Indexed in Google

How To Remove Low-Quality Content which is Indexed in Google?

Many bloggers asked me how to remove urls from google. So the intention behind making this post is to demonstrate to them how to remove urls from Google as well.

1. No-Index those pages:

You can no-index such pages. If you no-index then google will stop crawling such pages. Pages to be no-indexed are
  • Achieve Links.
  • Comment Links.
  • Unwanted Labels.

2. Blocking unwanted urls with Robots. Txt:

You can also block such unwanted urls from further indexing using robots. txt file. The following is an example of ideal robots. txt file.

3. Remove Manually:

If you want to remove specific url which contains Low Quality Content from google then its better to remove it manually. It will be removed from search results quickly.
Step To Manually Remove Url Using Google Webmaster Tool:
2. Open the site for which you have to operate.
3. Then click on Optimization on the Left side column.
4. In optimization choose Remove URL’S.

5. Then copy the link of url which you want to remove and paste it.

Simple Video Tutorial on “How To Remove URL from Google Search Results”

6. The url should disappear in search results when Google indexes your site for the next time.

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If you are having any difficulty, feel free to comment.

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