October 22, 2018

How To Join ROOM in PUBG Mobile Latest/ New Update (0.7/0.8)

How To Join ROOM in PUBG Mobile Latest/ New Update (0.7/0.8) – If you’re a real PUBG player, then, it’s not possible that you haven’t ever tried to create ROOM in PUBG. But here’s a glitch, if you’ve been a professional player of PUBG Mobile, then you may have succeeded and normal ones may have got the messages like – “Not Authorised” which ultimately lead you to this page of ALLTECHBUZZ media after you have in your mind one of the most common questions about the game designed by Brendan Greene that is – How do we create a room in a PUBG mobile?.How To Join ROOM in PUBG Mobile Latest/ New Update (0.7/0.8)

How To Join ROOM in PUBG Mobile Latest/ New Update (0.7/0.8)

Now with the announcement of 0.8.0 Dev Talk, two quick things first. Earlier, on various forums, there were talks like PUBG room creation feature is only available for PC (personal computer versions) as of now and not in mobile versions. And PUBG room creation requires the version 0.6.0 and above. In this, latter one being never a myth and former one becoming a myth now. Needless to say, creating a room or Chat Room precisely in PUBG is not one of the easiest tasks on the planet. Had it been so, “How To Create Room In PUBG for Free” would not have been a search string in Google, Yahoo, Bing OR Youtube.

PUBG fans are expecting from the Developers that is Bluehole and PUBG Corporation and Composer Tom Salta to solve this issue of Creating Room in PUBG as soon as possible. And, making it one of the simplest tasks to do in PUBG Mobile and PC versions both as this exercise is being repeated by PUBG fans and players often for practising the game. As on the date of writing this content, PUBG was in the headlines with topics like ‘PUBG Cancels Platoon Event Mode due to critical error,’ AND ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 review: a great shooter that isn’t afraid to copy’ AND ‘PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018: Mumbai’s The Terrifying Nightmare wins Rs. 5,000,000.’

As a solution to this problem, through the messages tab, directly go to the global chat room menu so that you can view all group chat rooms you are presently in. While you can also create your own room using the option provided. Apart from that, while being in a squad in PUBG mobile, if you click on ‘room’ labelled under the squad menu, there are complete chances that you’ll have “Not Authorised” message appeared on your screen.

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