March 14, 2022

How to Make a Fantastic Airbnb Profile

Each part of your Airbnb listing is critical. While having high-quality property images is the first step in attracting prospective visitors, your Airbnb profile is extremely critical (maybe even more so!)

An Airbnb profile is often disregarded since many hosts are unaware that guests care about it. Indeed, the researchers discovered that Airbnb host profiles had a considerable effect on visitors’ perceived trustworthiness. Going the additional mile to make an amazing profile will help increase your bookings.

As the worldwide community of Airbnb hosts and property managers continues to develop, it is critical to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Discover why having an Airbnb profile is necessary and improve it for more reservations.

What Information Should I Include in My Airbnb Profile?

1. Select an Appropriate Profile Photo

To begin enhancing your Airbnb profile, choose the most acceptable picture. Your profile photographs should be polished and high-resolution. Bear in mind that the image should not be hazy or fuzzy.

Assure that your whole face is visible and that your facial expression is neutral or positive. If you like to grin in your profile photos, by all means, do so.

Avoid strange facial expressions and outlandish attire. In the majority of cases, business casual clothes are the ideal option.

Avoid wearing dark glasses or anything else that gives the impression that you are attempting to conceal your true identity. To summarise, your LinkedIn picture may be the most appropriate for your Airbnb profile.

2. Include a description of your profile.

As you complete each component of your profile, be sure to provide a detailed description of yourself. Your prospective visitors want to know about you and what they can anticipate during their stay at your resort. Take some time to introduce yourself to your prospective visitors to establish a relationship. The following are some questions you may choose to address in your Airbnb bio:

• What country are you from?

• What is your line of work?

• Have you been a vacation rental host for a lengthy period?

• What drew you to the Airbnb community?

• What is your favorite aspect of hosting vacation rentals?

• What are your interests?

• Where have you already traveled?

• How long have you been a resident of the area?

When writing your Airbnb profile description, use conversational language. An ideal description should be welcoming and inviting. Contractions are an effective method to convey a less formal tone in your writing.

Never be scared to express yourself creatively and to have some fun. Save the sarcasm and jokes, though, since they may be perceived differently than you meant.

Example of an Airbnb host description

“Howdy there! My name is Alice, and I’ve spent the past decade in Miami, Florida.

I’m fascinated with travel — in addition to traveling around the United States, I’ve visited a total of twenty countries in Asia and Europe. I adore meeting new people and being acquainted with other cultures. This is precisely why I chose to pursue a career as a full-time Airbnb host. I’m a watersports fanatic and like various water activities, including paddle boarding, snorkeling, and even a little bit of surfing.

I’m excited to meet you! I’ll do all I can to make your stay pleasant and ensure that you get the most out of this beautiful city! Kindly contact me if you have any queries about my listing.”

3. Obtain Verification

When purchasing holiday rentals via online sites, scams are the primary worry for many visitors. You may assist relieve these anxieties by adding verifications to your profile. Navigate to your profile’s account settings and look for the Identity Verification option. To add your verifications, click the Get the Badge button. Once you’ve submitted the relevant information to Airbnb, your public profile will show the identification verification badge.

You may verify your identification in the following ways:

• Using your smartphone, take a snapshot of your identification (driver’s license, passport, or national identity card).

• Take a photograph using your computer’s camera.

• Upload an existing picture of your identification card

• Include your legal given name and surname.

• Include your legal mailing address (it should match your billing address)

Additionally, you need to validate your email address and phone number. Additionally, you may link your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Verifying your Airbnb account can boost your listing’s authenticity and trust. This might help you differentiate yourself from competing postings that lack verification. The research indicates that visitors are more inclined to book stays with verified Airbnb hosts.

Thus, completing the verification procedure is a free and simple approach to enhance your property’s occupancy rate.

Additionally, after your profile is validated, you will require that visitors show their identification when booking with you.

While revealing personal information may seem hazardous, you can rest assured that it is kept securely by Airbnb’s Privacy Policy. The data is delivered to Airbnb’s third-party databases using the same way credit card information is transmitted. However, if you utilize unprotected public Wi-Fi networks, avoid sharing your verifications.

4. Maintain an Up-to-Date Airbnb Profile

If you change employment or relocate to a new location, be sure to update your profile. You want to avoid discrepancies between your profile states and the responses you provide to visitors who ask about your property.

Bear in mind that even the tiniest variances are significant. You do not want your Airbnb guests to have any cause to believe that you are not being completely truthful about your identity.

5. Maintain a high response rate

Additionally, an Airbnb profile includes information on the host’s response rate and response time. The key to increasing both of these numbers is to react immediately to all inquiries. Otherwise, your rivals may seem speedier, resulting in a possible reservation being lost.

Remember that reaction time and response rate are critical for achieving Superhost rank. Additionally, a high response rate and a quick response time might increase prominence in Airbnb’s search results.


Individuals who rent via Airbnb do so because the site provides a genuine experience and enables visitors to live like a local. However, they are taking a risk by booking with someone they have never met in person. Creating an outstanding Airbnb profile may create the illusion that people already know you, which makes it much simpler for them to trust you. Check out this guide to polishing and optimizing other parts of your Airbnb listing.

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