August 19, 2019

How To Spy On Someone’s Phone Without Touching It

‘How can I spy on someone’s phone secretly?’ is a question that comes in the mind of every person at least once in their lifetime. However, most people give up on the idea after a small thought, thinking it might be an impossible thing to do.

However, there come times when you need to spy on someone’s phone urgently. It could be doubts on your spouse that they might be cheating. It could be fear for your child’s safety reading news about blue whale challenge.

What if I told you things aren’t as complicated as they seem. I will give you a magical way through which you can spy on any phone without touching it. Read on to find out…

Spying on ANY Phone Remotely

There are several apps and services that claim to spy on any phone remotely. However, when I used them for review, most of them turned out to be duds.

This led to an endless spree of me trying on every app that offers this feature. I found a few that worked, but there were downsides to each.

And then, I found what I was looking for exactly…

Cocospy: The All-Purpose Swiss Army Knife of Phone Tracking

Cocospy is a world-renowned phone monitoring app designed to get you every bit of information present in the target phone. It is used by millions of users all around the world. Therefore, I knew I ought to try it.

Once I tried it, I was shocked. It does everything that it claims and even more. And all that is done remotely without touching the phone!

Why is Cocospy the #1 Phone Spy App

Cocospy is the absolute best I have found in terms of a phone spying service. This is because of the following reasons:

1. Web-Based Service:

Cocospy is a completely web-based service. You don’t have to install the Cocospy app on your phone or PC in order to view the logs of the target phone.

It has a dashboard interface that opens on any web browser. All you need is an internet connection. All logs of the target phone will be uploaded on your dashboard. No Root or Jailbreak:

Cocospy does not require you to root or jailbreak the target phone. It is designed with a very high level of secure technology that can spy on the target phone without compromising its security (and without making the other person aware that you are spying on them).

3. Spying without Touching:

If the target device runs iOS, you don’t even have to access the phone even once to spy on it. All you need is the iCloud credentials of the device. Since you aren’t even touching the phone, there is no chance of the other user finding out.

4. Stealth Mode:

If the target device runs Android, you need to install Cocospy app on the target phone to spy on it. However, this app is designed to run in stealth mode, so you never get caught.

The app size is less than 2 MB. Once installed, the app icon vanishes. Further, when you wish to uninstall it, you can do it remotely through the Cocospy dashboard.

5. Features:

Cocospy has features that no other service in its competitors can match. It can get the target phone’s messages, call logs, location, social media chats, key logs, and so much more.

You might think that these extra features come at a price. However, Cocospy is the CHEAPEST phone spy service I have reviewed so far. There is nothing that offers better at a lower rate (or even at a higher rate). Therefore, when it comes to spy on someone phone without touching it, I find nothing better than Cocospy. If you try it out, you will find that there are no second thoughts regarding it.

Further, it doesn’t ask you to pay right away. There is a free demo you can enjoy to glance into the amazing world of Cocospy.

Also, you don’t need any technical knowledge to set it up. Its setup is as easy as the alphabet. Let’s go through it…

Steps To Spy On Someone’s Phone Through Cocospy

Spying on any phone through Cocospy is a child’s play. Everything can be done through any web browser on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or a PC. Here is how to go about it:

Step 1. Sign up for Cocospy and get a subscription plan based on the target device you wish to spy on.

Step 2: Follow the simple set up wizard to configure Cocospy based on the target phone.

Step 3: Hit ‘Start,’ and you will be taken to your dashboard. You are now ready to monitor the target device.

And that is all there is to it. Cocospy will be up and running to do anything you want. All the features are arranged neatly on the left side of the dashboard.

Phone Spy Alternative Apps

You will see that many apps offer phone spying solutions similar to Cocospy. There are many things to keep in mind when you consider that.

Firstly, never fall for any app that offers free services. Phone spying is a high level of technology, and costs are involved. Therefore, no genuine app will offer free services.

Secondly, there is no app in the world that can spy on an Android phone without touching it. Therefore, if any app claims such feature, it is a scam and stays far away from it.

Spyic is the only close competitor I have found that can offer as much as Cocospy. If you feel Cocospy isn’t for you, you should try out Spyic; you will love that.


When you are spying on a phone, you need to be aware of the scams going on. You should take the safety of the data into account and only trust an app that is reputed and trustworthy.

In this regard, I don’t think there is anything better than Cocospy. Millions of users are trusting it already, so it is okay for you to do so too.

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