February 27, 2019

How to Tell if a Website is Reliable or Not In 2019

Many people ask me whether we can trust a particular site or not.Especially the sites which are related to Shopping,Jobs, Making Money Online etc.Though we cannot completely judge the reliability of  a website by just seeing it ,there are few tools that helps to judge the trust factor of a website.In this article I listed some best tools and few suggestions.

How to Judge if a Website is Trustworthy or not?

1.WOT(Web Of Trust):

Web of trust is an extension available for almost all the major browsers like Google Chrome ,Firefox ,Internet Explorer etc.
  • Go to mywot.com
  • Download the extension for your browser.
They collect the opinion from various people over Internet from the experience they got from the website.Users can also comments rate the website or a blog.If a website gets too much negative feedback that specific site will be marked as spam.
This plugin is tightly integrated into your browser and shows up the WOT of a particular site right when you start searching in google for a  particular query.The below is an example of the search.
  • Green indicates the site is completely safe.
  • Yellow indicates Spam or sometimes low rating.
  • Red indicates the site is Scam.

The next time when you browse a site do check this extension to confirm whether a site or the information provided by the site is reliable or not.

In most of the cases WOT give good information but for some new sites or the sites which are not rated by many users ,in such cases the information might not be accurate.

2.Site Design:

A good website definitely has a clean clutter free design.If the site design is bad and not properly formatted then you must stay away from such sites.

3.Authors and Admins:

If a blog or website is maintained by someone anonymously then there is something fishy out there.There are many such sites who provides information anonymously .Such type of sites can be misleading most of the time.

4.Page Rank and Alexa Rank:

Page rank and Alexa Rank are two completely different algorithms to rank a website based upon its traffic and link authority.
In most of the cases website with a good Alexa Rank and Page Rank are reliable.These two factors indirectly says a website is reliable.
Page Rank is a scale of 0 to 10 .Higher the better.
Alexa Rank is a web information company which ranks every website based on few factors.
  • Read more on Alexa Here
The listed are some ways using which you can find out the trustworthiness of the websites .If you are following any other way do let us know in your comments.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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