August 13, 2021

How to Track My Phone if Someone is Using It?

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you have recently given your phone to a cousin, siblings, kids, or someone. You might have a great reason to tell why you had to give the most beloved thing to them – perhaps you had no other options to escape.

But now, you are worried. You want to get an idea of where they are going and what they are doing with your phone but knowing that I have no best way to track my phone, you feel down.

At this point, you realize the stupidest mistake that most people make. Since you had no tracking source installed or linked in your Smartphone, requesting someone to track my android or iPhone is undoubtedly useless.

If I ever get myself into such troubles, rather than giving my phone, I would first install the best tracking system into my android device so that I could track my phone regardless of wherever it goes.

But now the question is, what will I use to track my android? Does it work? How helpful is it? In this article, I had detailed everything that you must know.

How to Track My Phone if Someone is Carrying or Using It?

Phone tracking may sound easy; perhaps you may also think that it’s just a matter of few minutes on Google; simply say it, “Google, locate my android phone,” and you are sorted. But that’s not a thing.

Other phone locator software may share the details on the area and zone of where your phone is, but getting exact details about your device is undoubtedly challenging.

Therefore if you are genuinely on the lookout for a reliable thing that locates your phone with exact location, use FamiSafe.

Famisafe has been a savior for me and my beloved gadget because it has helped me a lot to track my phone. I use this application to track my android that my kids utilize maximum time.

Yes, it is a FamiSafe mobile application – a free and easy-to-use thing for parents and people who want to know about their Smartphone’s activities.

Here’s the step by step process of how I use the FamiSafe app to track my phone

How To Get FamiSafe App?

To ensure your Smartphone could never be used for the wrong intention, installing the FamiSafe mobile app becomes equally essential. I find my phone free with the help of the FamiSafe app whenever I forget where I had placed it last. If you also want to experience the potential of this fantastic app, simply follow these steps.

  • First, install the FamiSafe app on each Smartphone you have (download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively)
  • Second, register yourself
  • Third, link your Smartphone, and here you go!

You can now manage all devices from a single Smartphone. But make sure you are sorted between kids’ and parents’ modes. The device you keep all time along with will be set at parent mode, whereas; the device you often give to someone will be set at kids’ mode, so you have full access to that device in real-time.

What Benefits do you Receive in the FamiSafe App?

As said above, FamiSafe is a free-to-use app that I often use to track my device if someone is carrying or using it. The app provides me a clear insight into my phone, and I no longer require to search how I can find my phone on Google. However, it was just about the critical quality for this mobile tracking app. In addition to this essential trait, the app has a lot to offer you.

Here were the key benefits I received when I first tried FamiSafe to track my phone, and I still remember that it was an incredible experience.

Trace User’s Location

Simply give the command to your parent phone “track my android” and get an instant report using the FamiSafe App. You can trace a user’s location anytime, anywhere if you have set up this FamiSafe app on another Smartphone.

Monitor Phone Usage

If you want to keep track of mobile usage, mainly if your kids are using your phone for long hours, the app will be your trusted partner to get information on it.

Get Mobile Activity Report

If you don’t want someone to install any such app on your Smartphone that is harmful, keep an active eye on your mobile activity report with FamiSafe.

App Usage and Blocker

You can also permanently block or limit a particular app’s usage if you want no one to access it except you.

Get Browser’s History

How you’ll recognize if kids, friends, siblings are watching age-restricted material on your Smartphone? Here is a solution. FamiSafe works like your spy agent to collect the browsing history on your second device.


Are Location Tracking Apps Risky?

Not every mobile location tracking app is risky. Though, it largely depends on from which source you are downloading an app. FamiSafe is a certified and risk-free mobile app and can be installed from reliable sources such as Google Playstore and Apple App Store. But try avoiding any installs from third-party websites because they can be harmful to your devices.

Does Third-Party have Access to User’s Data on FamiSafe?

Millions of users have certified the FamiSafe app and continue to capture positive reviews from clients worldwide. The app doesn’t share your data with a third party. Only you will be the owner of your gadgets and the data stored in them, no one would be able to see where your device is and what data it have.

Is FamiSafe App Free?

Yes, the FamiSafe app is a free mobile application with the help of which you can keep an active eye on each phone you have regardless of whoever is carrying or using it in real-time. However, few advanced features of the FamiSafe app can be accessed only if you join FamiSafe paid plans that come at a reasonable cost.

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