July 16, 2016

Here Are 3 Tricks For iPhone Users To Free Storage Space Without Erasing Files

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Especially, iPhone has much craze among the people due to its stunning look, incredible features, and design. Usually, people use the smartphones to store an immense quantity of personal information, from our private conversations to our photos,games,videos,music,notes  and much more. We store a lot of information in our iPhone. But most of the times you may get a notification stating “Your phone is running out of storage space”. There is no need of deleting stuff from your phone to free the storage space. Here is a solution for you to free storage space without erasing your favourite media files.

1. Delete Unnecessary apps that occupy a large space.

Some unnecessary apps or apps which are no longer useful may be installed on your phone. Sometimes these apps may occupy a lot of storage space. So, remove this kind of apps from your phone.

#1. Go to –>  settings –> General –> storage

iphone free storage space1

#2. Delete the big apps that you don’t use.

delete apps in iphone

2. Delete messages that are stored in the memory from long back.

Most of the times unnecessary messages may occupy large storage space. So delete those messages and set expiration date for storing messages.

#1. Go to –> settings –> messages —> keep messages

settings iphone

#2. Now delete the older messages and set a time period for storing older messages.

delete messages iphone

3. Storing High-resolution photos in cloud.

High-resolution photos may occupy a lot of storage space. So it is better to store those photos in the cloud to free the storage space of your phone.

#1. Go to –> settings –> icloud

icloud iphone

#2. Turn on icloud photo library.

photo library icloud

From now, your iPhone never runs out of space. If you are facing any problem in following above tricks, then comment below.

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