November 25, 2022

How To Unblock Gambling Sites

Sometimes, all someone wants to do after a hard day’s work is to relax and not deal with any more extra pressure. People relax and enjoy themselves in a myriad of different ways, all as varied as you can find. Perhaps you like to kill some time by watching your favorite movie on a streaming service like Netflix, maybe you’d instead read a book, fiddle around your computer, or perhaps you enjoy blowing out steam searching for new online casinos not on Gamstop. It is up to you how you want to spend your time. However, there may come a time when you might find yourself blocked from your favorite online gambling sites for many reasons.

There are certain places in the world where you cannot enjoy betting on your favorite games. Gambling activities might be outlawed in certain countries or regions. It is estimated that in 56 different countries, legal regulations restrict gambling, and in 10 countries, gambling altogether is outright illegal. To ensure international law complies, gambling sites use geo-blocking technology to block access to certain websites, depending on where you are. If you ever find yourself in any of these places for business or recreational purposes, you will most likely be unable to access your favorite online gambling sites.

Beat the system

There are ways to circumvent these restrictions; all you need is the right tools for the job, and that’s where we come in. This article explores different ways to bypass firewalls and software restrictions, enabling full access to your favorite online gambling sites no matter where you are.

That being said, we want to disclose that this article does not condone or encourage breaching the laws of any country for whatever reason, much less for recreational purposes.

Somebody’s watching me

Nowadays, it is easier than ever for third-party users to track and control your internet access for their purposes. By monitoring your Internet Service Provider – ISP, you are exposed to whoever wants to know where you are, what pages you visit, and when you’ve done so. In short, without appropriate security, your internet browsing history is fully exposed to online security officials at best and cybercriminals and hackers at worst.

If you are a bettor who enjoys spending time and money playing online, there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are not breaking any laws or harming anyone. After all, what you do with your money is a personal matter. Unfortunately, privacy is sometimes a luxury unattainable to some, and recording your online gambling history is easier than ever for those who know how to do it. This can lead to unnecessary judgment and even labeling from bank managers if you request any loan.

Even if online gambling activities are not outright banned in certain countries, they have placed various measures to bar and control online gambling operations. In the UK, a self-blocking system known as Gamstop is implemented, as well as the ability for users to block debit and credit cards for gambling.

I want to break free

One of the best methods to unblock access to online gambling sites is to use a Virtual Privates Network – VPN. Before proceeding with how VPNs may be used to bypass gambling restrictions, it is imperative to know whether they are legal. Suppose you find yourself in a country or region where VPNs are illegal. In that case, we strongly advise not to use them in countries where the Internet is heavily monitored and controlled within their borders, like China, Russia, or Qatar. Some penalties might range from small fines to even prison time if caught breaking the law.

Also, be aware that using VPNs to gamble online has its risks, as most gambling websites restrict using VPN software when online gambling. Risks include not being able to gain access to gambling sites, being unable to transfer money, or even having your account temporarily frozen or outright terminated. Gambling sites like Bovada, PokerStars, BetOnline, or William Hill ban VPN software or any rerouting software to play.

The most reliable VPNs to use for online gambling are:

  • NordVPN: This Panama-based VPN offers advanced encryption measures; reliable and fast service. They hold over 5000 servers in 60 different countries, and due to Panama’s data protection laws, they are under no obligation to keep data logs.
  • Surfshark: This VPN has over 3000 servers spread across 65 countries. It allows for an unlimited number of devices per account and is compatible with most operating systems.
  • Express VPN: The most expansive VPN with 3000 servers across 94 countries. It is popular due to its stability and speed.

The road less traveled 

If you would instead not use a VPN, there are other alternatives you can use to access online casino sites:

  • Proxy servers: Aside from VPNs, this is one of the most reliable and safest methods to access online gambling sites. A proxy server acts as a mediator between devices to bypass firewall services. Make sure to choose a secure proxy server since many can infect your pc with malware software. Recommended proxy servers are Proxysite or HideMyAss.
  • TOR: TOR is a free anonymity network that helps users hide their location and identity online, and it requires manual download and subsequent installation on your online device.
  • DNS Proxy: These servers reroute your internet traffic through a different server to avoid geo-restriction software. Unblock-Us or Smart DNS Proxy are some of the best quality and reliable Proxy software.

These alternative methods are equally acceptable to bypass restrictions and block software. Make sure you use the appropriate and safest software at your disposal, avoid breaking the law and ensure that the online casino of your choice allows proxies or VPNs to bypass filters and geo-tracking software.

About the author 

Peter Hatch

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