February 24, 2021

How to Use SMS Marketing Software?

It’s 2021, and chat and text messages are how customers aim to stay in touch with the service providers. 67% of all customers would rather send as well as receive text messages to communicate about the appointments over emails or even phone calls, according to the Media Post.

Of course, for a business to reasonably scale SMS as a channel for customer communication, marketers need SMS marketing software to manage and automate the SMS campaigns, short for “short message service,” also known as text messaging.

Best SMS Marketing Software and How Can We Use Them?

Do you also want to reach your leads and customers using SMS marketing software for automated text message marketing? Here are some of the best software tools and ways to use SMS marketing software that every marketer can use to generate results via text message marketing.

Simple Texting’s SMS Marketing Service:

Simple Texting’s SMS marketing service comes up with offering exactly what its name shows – intuitive, simple as well as accessible text messaging features.

Businesses can send text messages to a big list of different contacts. They can also add pictures and other promotional stuff to each one and even track who clicked on each of the links. It enables the users to facilitate the two-way conversations without a hitch, using the new numbers or leveraging a previously generated one. Simple Texting’s features run on a deeper level, as users can send mass texts while creating drip campaigns that automate one or messages to be sent as the follow-up texts. It is very helpful for small business owners to promote their businesses.

Click Send:

Click Send enables different organizations to send thousands and thousands of text messages from anywhere globally without downloading any proprietary software. Users can now send bulk text messages through their SMS service provider or even through their email accounts. Users can now manage different sorts of digital marketing campaigns through a cloud-based application, switching from email, fax, text, and even non-SMS channels, including Facebook and WhatsApp on the fly. While these options make Click Send a much more robust service, it is likely more suitable and appropriate for experienced marketers and developers.


Small businesses need SMS marketing software in the same way as any of the other companies. Salesmsg accommodates smaller enterprises to make sure they have the tools they need to reach their customers.

While Salesmsg’s user interface might not seem that much impressive, its quality comes up from the simplicity and the integrability it has with other applications. Salesmsg can generate new numbers for different businesses and their owners to contact their customers using the local landlines and phone services, providing an unlimited number of contacts and canned responses.


TextMagic is an SMS company based in the UK, with over 14 years of amazing experience in helping businesses improve their communications and mobile marketing through sending and receiving text messages online.

TextMagic is a business text messaging service that enables you to send notifications, reminders, alerts, and SMS marketing messages to your customers. Through TextMagic, you can send the bulk of many texts online through their browser, desktop, or even mobile applications. They also come up with offering two-way conversations with the customers. You can even send as well as receive the texts through your email.


For businesses searching to leverage SMS applications to raise their customer support, Heymarket is the perfect solution for them.

Businesses no doubt get bombarded with similar questions about their hours or whether a certain product is in stock or not. Heymarket creates shared inboxes to answer each of the customers’ frequently asked questions in a timely and efficient manner.

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