July 25, 2019

How IOT Advancements Are Reshaping Our Lives!

Who doesn’t dream of a better life? We all have ideas, goals, and expectations for an easier, hassle-free life. Since the advent of technology and the resultant upheaval of existing systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) has continued to revolutionize the daily routine of millions around the world.

As humans, we are curious, questioning creatures. We have leveraged this trait in order to ensure a brighter future for ourselves and for the generations to come. New applications are being developed every other day, meaning our connectivity gets more powerful by the day. And as technology continually changes lives, we as humans also continue to evolve alongside.

We see machines at work that are being held together and connected through a single interface; they interact with us, and make our lives easier by the minute. Companies around the world are introducing new IoT devices and integration options on almost daily basis to facilitate the masses. These smart devices are calculating, analyzing, and collecting data all the time that can instantly be put to use for increased efficiency and comfort at multiple ends. The ease of getting things done with a single touch can be addictive and pleasing, yet quite efficient at the same instance.

Here are a few ways in which the application of IoT devices is changing lives for the better.

IoT - Internet of Things

Our Homes

A smart home is one of the most sought after commodities in the present-day world. Who wouldn’t want a home with an air conditioning system that operates on its own during a hot summer day? Or a home that locks/unlocks doors in your absence for family members? These are just some of the wonderful features you can expect with a smart home. You can even turn on your devices and watch your favorite shows with simple voice commands through smart home gadgets, such as Amazon Echo.

Wearable Gadgets

Like the launch of the iPad before it, the Apple smartwatch has been quietly revolutionizing our daily lives. We don’t realize the huge changes this very small gadget has brought. Similarly Samsung’s dedicated gear lets you integrate your entire daily routine and all your tasks with your devices while on the go. These devices broadly cover your health, fitness, and entertainment needs to name a few. They save data that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Not only that, various features can help ensure your data safety as well as personal safety which is a major plus.

Advanced Customer Support options

Customer support segment in particular is being radicalized by IOT involvements. With so many devices interconnected with one another through IOT mechanics, data can be stored and analyzed in real-time. When a support agent has access to this data, they can utilize the same and guide people accordingly in a much more efficient manner. For instance, rather than someone explaining a problem related to an internet service to them, the agent can actually analyze the problem themselves and provide a more suitable solution. Major ISP’s like Cox and AT&T are already using such techniques to facilitate their customers. No wonder Cox CS (Customer Support) never fails to impress the clientele.

Smart Urbanization

Traffic & sanitary management, environmental awareness, and the security sector etc. all have benefitted from the implementation of IoT technologies. Smart urbanization has massively altered the way cities are run these day. With real-time data collection and analysis, trends can be predicted beforehand to facilitate the flow of processes. Be it traffic control, resource allocation in various production facilities, so on and so forth, everything can be monitored and controlled in a timely manner. The devices carrying sensors and applications for the collection of this data are becoming the hottest selling commodities and the trend is expected to grow significantly in times to come.

IoT - Internet of Things

Smart Transportation

Industry giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are working towards the concept of connected and automated cars. Automated transport options can be observed in a few cities like Dubai at the moment and for now it is in sort of a testing phase. A few more years, and we will definitely observe such trends growing across the globe. Latest developments will even allow these transport mediums to maneuver through light to medium traffic via advanced sensors. Various automobile companies are looking towards beneficial partnerships with technology giants like Google to achieve further growth concerning smart transportation options.

Smart Buildings

Energy consumption can be significantly reduced with smart buildings. They will easily be able to switch between different energy sources like solar and fuel at various hours of the day to increase efficiency. Similarly, resources and temperatures can be managed much more effectively through real-time data analysis. Furthermore, smart buildings will be able to tag and track their loading and unloading history, as well as keep an inventory of what is available. This will enable devices to make accurate calculations so that the manufacturer suffers minimal to no losses.

Smart Healthcare

Patient mobility can be increased through wireless medical devices. These devices also give the medical staff ease of access, which in turn ensures no patient is left unattended. Monitoring vitals while staying mobile was never this easy. Physicians can also make remote visits through IoT devices in war zones and other difficult-to-reach areas, which introduces fresh domains for new medical possibilities. Internal operations are becoming more popular as sensors and devices offer data analysis of internal body components and respective readings in real-time.

Smart Farming

The world’s population is constantly on the rise. This has naturally resulted in a rapid increase in hunger and nourishment related issues. The demand for food has risen exponentially. With advanced technologies in agriculture, governments are trying to introduce farmers to a whole new level of high-end integrated machinery that can even calculate the amount of water a plant might need, all the while using sensors already embedded in the soil to detect nutrient values. IOT implementation can help plant life survive in a better, more practical manner, since it allows farmers to control conditions like temperature, light, and humidity to name a few. The crops thus produced are more resilient to diseases.

With continued advancements in the Internet of Things, the world is reshaping itself according to our requirements and needs, making our experiences worthwhile. Our world and our systems, some might argue, are being mechanized. Thus far, time, however, tells us, this is an inevitable necessity for a thriving survival whether or not some of us like the direction was taken by human progress.

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