January 19, 2022

How to work with your employees to remove stress from the workplace

It is important to try to relieve the amount of stress that your employees feel when they are at work whenever you can. This may be with the sheer amount of closed-door meetings that do actually affect everyone within your workforce, but the information discussed is only kept within a few members of staff, so everyone else is in the dark. Or it could be that your staff members are trying to cope with either old or insufficient software or hardware or feel that they have no technical support for when things just go wrong.

Introduce a free-flowing information policy 

It can be highly beneficial to have a free-flowing information policy within your business in order to keep workers’ morale high and damaging rumors to an absolute minimum. The amount of stress that is caused by workers feeling left out or not knowing what is going on within the business that they work in is unbelievable, although not unjustified.

When you think that for most workers, their wages not only put food on the table but a roof over their heads and not only theirs but also for their families or dependents, it is no wonder that there is a sudden influx of stress, especially if rumors of redundancies or work orders running dry start to circulate.

Having your managers or team leaders speak to your workers even as little as once a month to let your workers know what is going on within the business, its order book, any issues that may have arisen, and giving thanks for hard work completed, can make a world of difference and will quash any rumors before they have a chance to start up let alone damage your business.

Support your HR department

In truth, your HR department has to deal with a lot of information that can be continually changing and requiring updating not to mention areas such as payroll, and to keep your business totally compliant, which need to be totally accurate.

Installing the correct HR software in order to support your HR department can be an absolute godsend to your staff, and surprisingly enough, not just to your HR staff.

The amount of stress that is experienced by workers when wages are incorrect, holidays are allocated incorrectly, or pay increases are left off is phenomenal. Although, if your HR department is working with inferior software or having to make do, it is hardly surprising that this is happening within your business.

Provide your employees with the correct technical support

When it comes to alleviating the stress of office life, it is crucial to have the services of a reliable and dependable IT provider and support package at your worker’s beck and call. The stress levels jump and accelerate when hardware and software fail within a working environment and even more so when your employees are working to tight schedules and deadlines.

It is so important to be able to provide them with the support of a dedicated technology team that is experienced and knowledgeable as well as being totally able to sort any issues that may come their way calmly and professionally, even when they are being faced with someone having a total meltdown due to panic.

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Peter Hatch

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