March 6, 2020

How To Write Effective Instagram Captions

Have you ever had a nice photo to publish on a social network, but blocked on the caption area because you don’t know what to write? If so, you know that captions on social media can be hard work, and that is why they are often overlooked or written in a hurry. Facebook and Instagram may be known as visual platforms, but it’s a fact nowadays, the best way to stand out is to create good captions.

When they are well written, they allow you to tell the story of your brand, get closer to your followers, invite them to get involved and interact with you. Captions are a great tool that can be used to boost Instagram likes, comments, and even increase your website traffic. And if your post generates enough engagement, it could even end up on the Explore page. And that is a boon.

How to write effective Instagram captions

Find your brand’s voice

If you have not found your brand voice, you can do so now. What values and qualities ​​do you want your brand to promote? Make a list of your brand identity and use it to shape your voice. You can also describe your business and use them to find the right way. In general, on Instagram, we are very relaxed and familiar, so do not hesitate to do a little humor, write as you speak, etc.

Use important words at the First lines of your captions.

Be strategic. The captions are cut off after a few lines of your text. It is important to communicate your main point from the first lines. This will grab the attention of your audience and make them want to click the “show more” button where they can read all of your content.

Making the first part of your Instagram caption super attractive and seductive is a surefire way to increase the time people spend viewing your post. Whatever strategy you choose, just remember that the goal is to pique the interest of your followers. They will be more likely to read your entire caption and interact with your posts.

Content structure for your captions

Whether you’re a product or service-centric business, your content should be divided into three main categories to help you write captions that convert:

Valuable Content – This is where you educate, entertain, and/or inspire your audience. If you don’t provide value to your followers, they have no reason to follow you. Examples:

  • Education
  • Tips and tricks
  • Industry News
  • Motivation or inspirational content

Login Content – This is where you build rapport with your audience and let them get to know you and get attached to you. It is about telling the story of your brand, highlighting its personality, and giving people a glimpse of your person. Examples:

  • Behind the scene
  • stories
  • Introduce yourself and your team

Promotional Content – This is where you promote your products or services and present your references and testimonials. These texts should always add value to your target audience.

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Imran Uddin

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