January 15, 2020

Howzat App Review

Fantasy sports are the new age rave. According to the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association of the United States of America and Canada (FGSA), there are a total of 60 million fantasy sports players in the region alone, and this number is continually growing. People around the world are waking up to the magical addiction of this new industry. These statistics point towards the fact that the future of fantasy sports is quite bright.

Eyeing the fans’ zest worldwide about this growing sports industry, many software companies and independent developers have come up with sports apps. Howzat is one such fantasy sports app that has is ranked among the top 10 best fantasy apps available online.

About Howzat App

Howzat App is an online fantasy sports gaming platform. It has more than 7 million users registered with it online. Howzat allows users who are 18 years of age or older to sign up for a player’s account and register online. There is no registration fee involved. However, the app allows users who reside in India only to participate in live sports and contests. Additionally, the users must have a valid email account in order to get themselves registered with the app.

How to Register/Use Howzat App?

In order to register with the Howzat App, users need to do is visit the following website:


Users need to use a valid email address or mobile number to start using the Howzat app. The registration is free of cost, which makes it all more appealing for the users. To verify their accounts, users simply need to add PAN account details in the sections ahead.

The app credits a bonus of ₹ 250 to the users’ account when they first register as a welcome gesture so that they can start playing immediately after their sign-up process is complete. This amount can be withdrawn using PayTM or a Bank account. In any case, relevant account details need to be provided to the app.

The app registration also provides with a referral code option. This means that the users may enter the code provided by the person who referred them to use it via online means. Many websites and blogs have mentioned Howzat in their articles with a referral code at the bottom. Users who wish to enter the code may do so, who do not, can choose to simply skip this step.

Other than the link provided, users can also download the Howzat app by requesting a download link via SMS or phone call on the number 8860-799-599. It can also be downloaded from their mobile stores, be it Apple or Android. Apple users may also use this link: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/howzat-play-fantasy-sports/id1464891975. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires iOS 10.0 or later to run without crashing.

What Makes Howzat So Popular?

Howzat is quite famous among its users for a number of reasons. First of all, its registration is free of cost. Secondly, it credits an amount of ₹250 to its players’ account which is sort of a joining bonus and does not need to be returned. In addition to it, the app provides its users with top-notch and good quality customer support. The representatives of the customer support team are available 24/7 and are always ready to help players out with their questions and difficulties. , making the whole process of entering the fantasy gaming zone and playing matches of any of the sports offered really smooth.

Howzat is also loved by its users because the developers keep adding new and exciting features to the app. As if selecting a team of 11 players and playing them against teams of personal choice was not enough, the app now allows users to check the most recent fitness status of players in their teams. This feature allows users to make real-time informed decisions about whether or not they want a player in their team.

Post-registration, the app allows users to either join free live fantasy cricket or paid live cricket games. Since cricket is one of the most loved sports of the Indian nation, there are multiple contests held which award the players who win. The live contests are also held for participants who are playing Kabbadi, and they can also win cash prizes.

Whether players choose to go for kabbadi or cricket contests, whoever wins the contest gets the cash prize amount which is added to their Bank or PAN accounts directly. This is yet another feature why Howzat users trust it so much as their go-to fantasy gaming platform.

Howzat has one of the safest and secure payment options available. Smooth transaction handling makes Howzat even more trustworthy and feasible for users. Thus, features like transparency and honesty of contests, cash prize amount being paid instantly, and the registration bonus amount make Howzat a very user-friendly platform to start playing fantasy sports on.

Other features that make Howzat a top priority fantasy sports gaming app and gets it ranked in the top 10 fantasy gaming apps list worldwide include sending the users real-time updates and reminders about most recent events taking place. This awesome feature allows users to form teams and participate in games within time.

Last but not the least, the accessibility of this app over any device and via any platform, be it online or mobile, is also what makes it an easier way to get online and play a fantasy game. It can be downloaded easily via the internet or by scanning the QR code or requesting a download link via the SMS or missed call on the number mentioned earlier. These are the reasons why the app has such a wide range of users and is so popular among them.


There are some downsides to this app too. These include the fact that it is open to be used by participants in India only and that it offers limited fantasy sports options. There are only three major sports that can be played online on Howzat: Kabbadi, Cricket, and Football. There are no other varieties of sports currently added to the list; however, that’s not a big deal because more sports might be added in the future increasing the overall appeal of the app

Overall, the plus points of Howzat outweigh the downsides, making it one of the best fantasy sports app available today!

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