June 29, 2018

iLife V8 Mop And Vacuum Cleaner Packs Advanced Tech Inside With 6 Different Cleaning Modes

iLIFE’s new V8 Robotic Mop and Vacuum Cleaner has come up with the advanced technology and intelligent planning of the cleaning procedures, space measurement, and many other features. Also, V8s had no trouble on different floor types including wood, tile, and carpet with 6 different cleaning modes. With a reasonable price and its unique features that sets itself apart from the rest of the competition. Recently, many popular cleaning services in Australia like SV Cleaning Services, which offer Vacate Cleaning Services in and Around Melbourne are using these vacuum machines which can solve most of their needs with ease.

iLife V8 Mop And Vacuum Cleaner Packs Advanced Tech Inside With 6 Different Cleaning Modes

If you are looking for the best robot vaccums, then choose iLife V8 Robot Vaccum cleaner. Here are the complete details of iLife V8 design, features, setup, cleaning modes, performance.

ILife V8 Smart Vaccum Cleaner Design:

ILIFE V8 has a sleek design with an LCD Display. It’s circular, and measures 13.0 inches in diameter and 3.1 inches tall and is well suited for the low-clearance furniture.

ilife v8 design

In the center, you’ll find a Start/Pause button, with a Path button directly underneath, and Self-Charge, Timer, and Point buttons above. The Timer button sets the time and controls scheduling. A 750 ml dustbin sits on the side of the robot which allows for more space for the dirt to be stored. The bigger capacity ensures not so often changing times.

ilife v8 vaccum cleaner

You can see a small display above the buttons which tells you the battery level. The front bumper houses the robot’s infrared sensors, while the right side holds the power switch. The bottom has a release latch, which you can press to remove the rear-loading dustbin or water tank.

Also, you’ll find two spin brush attachments, two main wheels, a nose wheel, charging contacts, and drop sensors. However, it requires two AAA batteries. The top of the remote has a Self-Charge (home) button. Below is a directional pad with the Start/Pause button in the middle.

robot vaccum cleaner

The bottom directional button triggers Max mode, which boosts suction power for carpets and rugs. While mopping, the Max button changes the water dispersal rate from the tank. At the very bottom is a row of three buttons to toggle Path, Point, and Border modes. Also, Control the device using its upgraded remote controller which can manage to move it in different directions, program schedule cleaning, start or stop the robot, choose cleaning modes, and make it get back to its charging station.


The ILIFE V8 Robotic Mop and Vacuum Cleaner feature a Multi-task programmable schedule system as well. This ensures that you can program the cleaner to clean at any given time of the day or week.

6 Cleaning Modes:

The ILIFE V8 caters to your varying needs with 6 different cleaning modes. Also it has the ability to switch between modes using a remote control so the transition is seamless.

cleaning modes ilife

In case of your mopping needs, the ILIFE V8 supports an innovative water tank system and a wet scrub auto spa if you’re using it on a harder surface. Using the advanced i-dropping tech inside, the overall process of mopping more efficient. It also mops on a way as to prevent damage to the hard surface underneath – perfect for wooden floors.

How to Use?

Firstly, place the dock in an obstacle-free area, flip on the power switch, and let the robot charge to full. However, initial charge, iLife recommends 12 hours.

To start cleaning using iLife V8 smart vacuum cleaner you have two options.

1. Auto Clean:

If you want an auto clean, simply press the Start button to wake up the robot, then press it again to start cleaning. iLife recommends this option for cleaning multiple rooms. Alternatively, you can press the Path button to enable a more methodical back-and-forth clean in a single room.

2. Schedule Cleaning:

To schedule a cleaning, press the Timer button and wait for a beep. You should see the clock icon and DAY on the display starts blinking. You can then use the Self-Charge and Point buttons to set the day and time.

With a decent battery life and two cleaning brushes, iLife is the best smart robot vacuum cleaners with a reasonable price. Now, you can get a $20 discount on the iLIFE V8 Mop And Vacuum by using the code XHL6-VJKMUH-QA78JV.

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