August 30, 2022

iMind Reviews: the Best Solution for Seamless Efficiency and Collaboration

U.S. companies and companies targeting employees from different cities or countries need a quality alternative to offline meetings. Networking between partners and colleagues is a big step towards the success of a company. Business chat video conferencing is the best way to ensure quality interaction between employees, create a competitive environment where everyone feels involved in the work process, and succeed with new business ideas.

When you choose a quality platform for online business meetings where there are no technical glitches or privacy issues, video chat can completely replace physical communication between co-workers. The quality of the interaction will not diminish. However, there will be a lot of benefits and “bonuses” for the company.

With the iMind platform, entrepreneurs, large or small companies, and businesses can realize new ideas. Workers and partners can be based in offices in various countries and can join a video conference from home or a holiday at the seaside. Due to the high-quality technology of iMind in the USA, there is always a high degree of communication between the partners. Apart from a great range of tools, high quality features, and improved user data protection, one of the biggest advantages of the iMind platform is the iMind business chat. That live chat enables each participant of a video meeting to interact and network with other partners, suggest their business project ideas, and execute their existing business plans online.

What Options are Offered by iMind?

There are useful options on the conferencing platform iMind. Major among these are:

  • videoconferencing;
  • sign up with one tap;
  • display more than one screen;
  • one-time codes for security;
  • verification of those attempting to participate in the meeting.

Conference platform iMind enables video and audio access to meetings for up to 100 participants. It is possible for users to make audio calls and share screens with participants in a conversation. It also adjusts the volume and has ambient features of noise suppression.

Security checks are also done at the proper level. Although there are no passwords in iMind, therefore, it is much more difficult to hack the account. The user receives a one-time code to his email and has to enter it to authorize on the platform before the talk.

What are the Key Benefits of iMind?

The iMind conferencing platform has many advantages in the United States. It has all the functionality you need with high-quality service. It is a user-friendly service that is easy to navigate, invites participants and manages people on a single or shared call.

So, among the multitude of benefits for users iMind has:

  • unrestricted conference recording on all calling plans;
  • 24/7 conferences free of charge;
  • concurrent screen sharing;
  • possibility of memory connection via WebDAV;
  • safety for each videoconference participant thanks to one-time access codes in the account;
  • the division into individual and group rooms for more efficient operation;
  • highest video quality (from SD to HD, but without 4K);
  • the ability to discuss plans regardless of time zone;
  • usage both in the browser and via the app;
  • participants’ volume can be customized;
  • the possibility of connection from a smartphone;
  • the simplicity of setup, use, and administration.

These features are attracting new customers and new businesses to the iMind platform. Through this program, every user can see that online communication can be better, more efficient, and more accessible than physical meetings.

iMind offers its users the best video conferencing tools for companies. You can use one-click scheduling, recording, participant permissions, and joining to coordinate meetings for video conferencing programs.

Which iMind Plan is Better to Choose?

Multiple plans enable iMind users to select the best-suited versions for their circumstances:


The Free – offers basic functionality with some reasonable constraints. This is suitable for private use or basic business gatherings such as one-to-one sessions, meetings with video with up to four participants, and larger non-video conferences involving up to 100 people.


The Pro – increases the opportunities offered by the cost-free plan. There appears to be a business chat room, in which you can chat together online. Using this option, you can create more rooms, invite more people and organize conferences where more people can use their webcams. You can record several conferences at the same time. Small teams working in isolation or in-house teams working on projects that require frequent online interaction.


The Business version improves on existing functions and gives you live broadcasting options. In terms of customer service, you get a private office where you can solve the problems that arise during your work. This is an option that iMind offers for small and medium-sized companies.


The Enterprise expands the restrictions to the max and gives you a dedicated personal manager for your helpdesk. It is ideal for medium and large-sized businesses.

To find out even more about the specifics of each plan, you can visit

Users’ Reviews About iMind

The iMind has a lot of positive feedback from customers. From the beginning, the iMind video conferencing platform has worked flawlessly. It is used by companies, individuals, and entrepreneurs. Companies have used the platform to help them maintain a collaborative workflow and to maintain a balanced working relationship with all their colleagues. The entrepreneurs use it for project meetings and calls.

With online conferences, there is no need to rent a room for a hundred or more people, no need to spend money on travel, and the meeting can be held in the comfort of each participant.

Staff productivity increases because everyone works in a comfortable environment. You can work at home, in a café, while traveling or in a park. It is statistically proven that when people work in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, their productivity increases. That is why videoconferencing in many cases is not only a good alternative to offline meetings but is becoming more popular than physical meetings.

So every business will find the best way to work with partners and customers on the iMind platform. The tools on the free plan are of high quality because iMind appreciates its users and strives to constantly improve the functionalities.

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